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A calm and healing birth

Birth Stories

Isabella Grazioli

At 38 weeks and 1 day I woke up to some mild cramping. Not long after, I lost my mucus plug which was the first sign of labour with my first child. I went on with my day and watched my favourite show.

I started to experience consistent contractions in the afternoon. I started to gear up for labour by starting my playlist, applying clary sage oil and staying active on my birth ball. I managed these contractions using the Calmbirth recorded meditations.

A few hours passed and my waters had broken and contractions became closer together. I made a quick transit to the hospital and requested to go into the birthing suite. Due to how calm I was the midwife’s set me up for monitoring. I started to feel intense contractions and lower back pressure and asked to go into the bath. My partner & mum remained calm and took turns in applying pressure to my lower back. An amazingly caring midwife had just started her shift and I very eagerly asked her to check me as I knew it was time. She very quickly realised that I was fully dilated and baby was already making her way down. We went into the birthing suite and she started the bath.

Getting into the warm water released all the pressure from my lower back and allowed me to sink back into my calm breathe. A few minutes of intense stretching and some pushing I caught my daughter and placed her on my chest. I instantly cried and said “I did it by myself, I can’t believe it”. This birth was so healing for me and I’d do it all again and again. I couldn’t sleep after the birth as I was on such a natural high. I love all the work that you do at Calmbirth and can’t speak any more highly of it. You guys are incredible thank you!!!

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