By Bree

Bree, Charlie & Louis welcomed beautiful ‘Neve’ into the world in June! 

Bree & Charlie did a Private class with me via Zoom, over four classes we worked through how they were feeling going into their second birth and preparing for a VBAC!

Bree was incredible in advocating for herself and her choices, she had the knowledge and was confident – and she DID it!! I have to share this text she sent me after Neve’s birth that sums up how empowered she felt…(shared with permission).

“I literally balled my eyes out and was like ‘I did it! I fucking did it’…. everyone just laughed haha. Thank you for your help. Calmbirth really helped, it was amazing.”

Bree has very generously shared both of her birth stories – a Caesarean for her first and an empowering VBAC! I hope it helps all who read it to see that there really is no one way, but with good preparation you can still have a positive experience, even if there are some twists and turns to get there. Thank you Bree

1st Baby – ‘Louis’ Born by a C – Section

Born June 2018, at 40 + 4. I was induced for lack of fluid. Baby no longer making urine, reduced movements. Baby was posterior asynclitic. 7pm Balloon catheter inserted. Removed the next morning at 7am and I was dilated 3cm. Commenced syntocin drip at 9:30 as I did not contract. Syntocinon dose increased over the day. Around 3pm things started to go down hill. I was getting 5 contractions in a row, without a break. I had gas and Remi-fentanyl but nothing helped. Bubs heart rate kept dipping.

Got an epidural at 5:30pm to see if this would relax myself and bubs. By the time the epidural was in, I was being wheeled to theatre for foetal distress. I was still only 3cm dilated. I had an Emergency Caesar where they found bubs was obstructed due to poor positioning. Epidural was topped up for the Caesar but turned into a T1 block (blocked from my shoulders down). Loss of consciousness for 3.5 hours due to extremely low BP from epidural.

I missed out on those first few hours of cuddles with my son and had some nerve damage to my sacral area.


Baby Neve – An Empowering VBAC

Born 5/6/2020 41+4

During my initial consult with my OB I expressed some desire to have a VBAC if my baby was in the right position. I said I didn’t want to be induced. And, suggested I would have a RSC at 42 weeks if I hadn’t gone into labor. My doctor said I was a great candidate for a VBAC.

After this there was no further discussion about the delivery until my 40 week appointment.

I started researching VBAC articles, stats and reading all the stories on here.

In order to avoid this baby turning posterior, I only slept on a side and sat upright or forward on the the couch.

  • 34 weeks I began spinning babies, remedial massage, chiro and began a Calmbirth course.
  • 36 weeks I started raspberry leaf tea.
  • 38 weeks commenced acupressure and acuneedling. 
  • 40 weeks commenced breast pumping 2-3 times a day.

During my 40 week appointment. My OB states that he was beginning to doubt whether this baby would come out vaginally, as my baby was measuring 50 weeks. He said ‘what do you want to do?’

I was gutted. I felt like my body was letting me down and that my OB and I weren’t on the same page. I was told during my previous pregnancy that my son was ‘enormous’ and he was only 7lb 13oz.

I said I wasn’t going to be induced or have a Caesar at this point because I was ‘due’ not ‘overdue’ and people birth big babies all the time. I also said that I don’t have GD and bubs HR, Fluid and movements were all fine, so there was no medical reason to intervene. He hesitated but agreed.

I left the appointment angry and deflated and started doing everything I could to induce myself naturally, including breast pumping etc. 

Later that week I lost my mucous plug and had some Braxton Hicks. But it didn’t eventuate to anything.

At my 41 week appointment. I told my doctor that my new plan was to have a balloon and an ARM at 42 weeks. If unsuccessful, I would have a caesarean . He was hesitant but agreed.

At 41 + 1 I began early spontaneous labor. This became 2 days of spurious labour with bladder spasms as I couldn’t urinate properly. I hadn’t slept for 2 days and could barely eat. So, I went into hospital at midnight to be reviewed by my OB. Mentally, I was preparing myself for a Caesarian. But, I was 3cm dilated so I had an ARM. Then I was able to wee (thank god!). 

From there on my contractions were smoother and ramped up. At 6:30am I was 4cm dilated but I requested an epidural (which was not part of my plan). The epidural was amazing!!! I ended up having a 30 minute sleep. Woke up, and I was 8cm dilated. At 11am it was time to start pushing. By 12pm bubs HR was getting elevated. I consented to forceps in theatre and out she came!

I balled my eyes out. I couldn’t believe that I did it. I felt like everyone had written me off beforehand. It was the most empowering feeling.

She was 9lb 6oz!!!

I had an episiotomy and quite a bit of stitching to the front of me but the recovery is already so much easier than a Caesarian.

I got to hold my baby girl as soon as she was born. It was so magical!







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