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Amazing to be able to experience something so challenging and to say I did it!

Birth Stories

Story by Laura

Ryan and I welcomed Tomas to the world in April and thanks to Karen and Calmbirth we had a really positive birth experience.

So from 35 weeks I was monitored reasonably closely due to Tommy being in the 20% percentile for growth.

At 40 weeks I had a scan and that afternoon the OB decided it was time for us to meet our baby! I had hoped to not need an induction but we went with it for the safety of the baby. On the Wednesday night I had a cooks Catheter inserted. We discussed that I would then have my water broken in the morning and I would require a drip with the synthetic oxytocin. I expressed that if my natural hormones or natural process took over at any time that my body be allowed to do this and the doctor said we would see how we go.

Thursday morning we were due to have my water broken at about 8am but another labour came in and then Tommy decided to have a dance party in my belly so it wasn’t until 11:30am that they broke my water! I was sad that I couldn’t have the options of bath/shower due to ctg but I just put my mind to creating a positive experience and energy regardless.

When they removed the catheter I was 4cm dilated. They set the drip and within mins contractions started. I started to feel it was going too fast and I felt cold. They took my temp and it had slightly elevated so they turned the drip off for a bit.

After just 10mL my natural hormones had kicked in and I didn’t require the drip for the rest of the labour! I was so stoked!

From here on I used breathing, gas and the tens machine to manage the pain – my husband Ryan was an amazing support and counted me through every contraction.

Close to the transition point I lost a bit of blood clearing my cervix from 6 to 9cm but all was okay. Once that was done I had an overwhelming sense of wanting to push. After some significant in and out action on Tommy’s part I pushed him out at 3:28pm.

Even though it wasn’t exactly to plan I was so proud of my body for not requiring as much intervention as they thought it might and I had a relatively drug free labour meaning Tommy entered the world bright eyed!!

Amazing to be able to experience something so challenging and to say I did it!

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