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Story by Kirsty, Liam and Charlie

Thank you Kath, we attended your Calmbirth workshop in Bellarine, Geelong in June. I have come out of this experience the most empowered woman, my body and my mind has all new limits and I am excited for motherhood. If Liam and I can accomplish this, we are capable of big things in parenthood. Every mumma needs you in their corner to make their birth as beautiful of an experience as mine was.

Hi Kath. We completed your Calmbirth workshop back in June and I have to share my birth story with you, because the empowerment you gave me and my partner in that moment we cannot thank you enough.

Liam and I spent so much time after your class writing our birth plans and being prepared as best as possible for all situations.

What we did not have in our plan was to have our little boy at home by ourselves with no health care professionals present… but that’s how our birth went.

My waters broke at 230am. I called my care provider straight away and I used your COAT principle, however, happy to wait a while at home and progress comfortably in my space.

My contractions came on so fast. I called my care provider a few times because I felt, with your education, I was hitting your 4:1:1 rule for when to head to hospital, and closer again within an hour of my waters breaking.

As it was my first labour I was encouraged to wait as long as possible because if I was less than 4cm the hospital would send me home, so I continued to progress at home at a pace I could never have anticipated.

Because of the Calmbirth education I had from you I knew I wasn’t going to make the hospital in time and I had 100% confidence in the decision that I knew where my body was at and I couldn’t leave home now.

Liam and I ended up delivering our son at home in our bathroom by ourselves, it all happened so fast. Liam was amazing, as soon as our son came out, I didn’t notice the cord around his neck but Liam was straight on it, he got the mucus out of his mouth and gave him some back rubs, and had him breathing and okay for us to call an ambulance. I got to the hospital just fine and our son couldn’t be any healthier.

I have to say thank you but that will never cover what you provided Liam and I.

The entire labour we were both calm, stayed connected in the zone and just breathed through every last contraction. I didn’t have any pain relief other than my TENS machine and the Calmbirth education you provided us. Liam and I at peak contractions had a lay down and cuddle in bed and used your breath work to breathe together and stay in the zone.

Everyone who had heard our birthing story seems to think it’s terrifying, however, because of the education you gave us, through the Calmbirth program, not even for 1 second of labour was I scared or anxious. I was in the right mindset and knew where my body was at, and that I was going to be okay, and Liam felt the same the entire time. We feel as though we have the most beautiful birthing story and are so blessed our birth turned out that way.

Charlie was born at 650am (4hrs and 20 mins from when my waters broke) weighing 7lb 8. He is happy and healthy and this was the way he was meant to come into the world.

Kath, thank you again.

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