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Annabelle’s Calmbirth – The talk of the labour ward

Birth Stories

By Rebecca & John Asher

My partner John and I did the Calmbirth Course in the Southern Highlands in Mittagong early in March last year. We just wanted to let you know that we welcomed our third baby, Annabelle Lily on Sat 7th Dec at 7.18am. Weighing 2.9kg and measuring 50cm long – she’s perfect in every way, and we are so in love with her.

I can honestly say that it was the best birth experience we’ve ever had! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


On one occasion a mother was having contractions – moaning and making noises, and her partner kept turning up the volume on the TV (he was watching the footy) to drown out the sound of her heavy breathing techniques!

During a different birth the mother was on all fours telling us how much her back was hurting, and her partner kept complaining that his back was hurting from the gym. These are just a couple of the so-called support techniques we’ve seen that nearly ended in divorce.

So, Mums- to-be: if you’re worried that your partner isn’t going to have any idea what to do on game day get them to read this checklist of the top eight ways they can support you in labour (and ensure that your relationship survives the birth!).


I’ve done three labours – all drug free and all very different in physical and emotional presentation. (So, going in to the birth, I think I had a good base to compare whether Calmbirth was successful – in comparison to my other births).

With Annabelle’s labour I used ALL my Calmbirth techniques and it kept me focused, calm and un-panicked throughout the entire experience. I never knew how powerful deep breath and visualization could be! Whilst the sensations were very intense at times, I was determined to be active in the way I managed the sensations and breathe through them.

There are many more details I could tell you about the birth itself (and how I believe the knowledge I learnt on your course, really changed the physical and chemical happenings of labour) – but I’ll keep the email short…I can hear my toddlers calling from the other room

The obstetrician and midwives couldn’t believe how the birth process unfolded and to quote our midwife; “I’ve never seen such a Calmbirth”. Funnily, Annabelle’s Birth was the talk of the labour ward for the days to come and I had many midwives coming to ask me about the experience and how I actually put what I’d learnt into practice. Very interesting! I’ve been telling everyone I see that they have to do the Calmbirth Course! I even hear John recommending it to his friends too.

Even whilst at the dentist a week prior to my birth (I hate the dentist!), I noticed myself using Calmbirth techniques automatically. I think it’s become part of my every day rhythm and I’ve noticed a huge personal change, just bringing back the theories of Calmbirth to my every day life. I also think that having such a positive birth experience has really set us up well for the somewhat ‘stressful’ journey in to three children – I’ve been very calm this time round.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us Calmbirth, and redeeming our birth experience. We are truly grateful!


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