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Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Jessica Cuneo

We are so excited to announce that Calmbirth Educator, Jessica Cuneo, will be joining Karen and Peter in the Southern Highlands Calmbirth Centre in Mittagong to teach our highly acclaimed and trusted Calmbirth program.

Jessica is a Registered and practicing Midwife, and a Registered Nurse specialising in Paediatrics.

Calmbirth coming to Sutherland Hospital 2019

Pregnant couples all over the Sutherland shire and surrounding areas are so thrilled and excited that the very sought after antenatal program, Calmbirth, is now going to be available at the Sutherland Hospital in March 2019, So Happy NEW YEAR Sutherland!

Baby Brandon

As a Birth Unit midwife, I have observed numerous labour and birth scenarios and I knew that if there was one thing that we had to do, it was to do Calmbirth! I wasn’t afraid of birth, but I knew what I did and didn’t want and knew that Calmbirth would help with this. Before we attended the weekend, I was sure that Peter would get more out of the course than I would, I mean I am a midwife, what more could I need to know, right? How wrong was I! 

Cassie Harvey’s Birth Story

I know it might sound like some people’s worst nightmare but honestly Calli’s birth was such an amazing experience and it just empowers me so much that i/women are so incredible! And I definitely have to owe my pain tolerance levels and calmness through the storm too calmbirth, so thank you.

Percy’s birth

“Being our first pregnancy we were both anxious about the birth process and I was particularly hesitant about having a natural birth. By the time we reached the lunch break on the first day, my fears had already begun to disappear and by the end of the weekend we felt empowered, informed and ridiculously excited about the next part of our journey!”

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