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Did you know this about Vaginal Examinations?

6cm Dilated
You know you’re a Midwife when you see this image and the first thing you think is “6cm dilated” haha!Which leads me into the topic of vaginal examinations (aka VE or internals) in labour. Did you know that vaginal examinations have NO predictive value in determining how long your labour will last? Or when you will give birth?

The Nest joins hands with Calmbirth

Never under estimate the power of giving confidence to parents. 
Calmbirth is extremely happy and proud to announce our collaboration with The Nest, Kids CPR and allergy. 
At Calmbirth, we are passionate about collaborating with like minded organisations who share the same values, passion and vision as us.
The NEST shares our same vision and passion in taking away the fear in parents of ‘not knowing what to do’ in an emergency situation by empowering them with CPR and basic first aid skills and knowledge that will give them the confidence and may even be the difference between life and death for their child.

The birth of Harrison

We wanted to thank Calmbirth  as we 100% believe that Calmbirth had such a huge influence on our positive birth experience of our baby boy, Harrison.  My husband Richard and I both felt empowered, educated and calm welcoming our first child into the world-and unexpectedly eight days early. 

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Maja Batista

Maja completed her Midwifery in Germany in 2005. She has worked as a community midwife in Frankfurt, Germany, and as a hospital based midwife in Dublin. She now works as a midwife in Sydney in a Birth Centre and has been a Calmbirth Educator since 2017.We are so pleased to announce that Maja will be joining our team of Calmbirth Educators and will be teaching the Calmbirth Program at the NSPH starting on 16th& 23rd June.  

The birth of Isla Mae

The birth was so intense, but I was so proud of myself as I was able to manage it without any intervention or pain relief. I drew very heavily on the Calmbirth breathing exercises and even though I had a cold, breathing through each contraction and trying to stay focused and calm was what got me through.

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