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The Power of Our Language in Birth

Our language can transform and empower birthing mothers or destroy their confidence in their body’s ability to birth. Language matters as a way of respecting women’s views and ensuring that they are empowered to make decisions.  As birth professionals we need to be slow to speak and quick to listen to our birthing couples. We have much to learn from them.

Birth – From an EXTREMELY male perspective…and then HERS!

Let me start by mansplaining – I am a male, therefore everything I do is an EXTREME sport. If I am making dinner I use every pot I can find, and there is some collateral damage usually from pasta sauce, but that’s the price for culinary perfection. If I have a cold, I am the sickest, the most run down, and the most extreme it is possible to be (I think that extreme sport is called man flu). Because everything I do is extreme.So when I found out we were having a baby I was ecstatic… but I had a problem. How can I make my role as support person ‘extreme’?

The birth of Felicity Jane

I’ve been meaning to email you both to let you know how the birth of our second child, Felicity Jane, in December 2018, unfolded and how grateful I am, again, for the work you do with Calmbirth.Our son, Nicholas was born 3yrs ago, after a very long, induced labour (10 days ‘overdue’) this time around I prepared for labour differently.

The Journey to Motherhood

As I sit writing these words on my due date, I reflect on my own journey through pregnancy and thoughts of my impending birth. Coming into this as a midwife, yoga teacher and Calmbirth educator, from the outside it would seem I had all the necessary tools to deal with pregnancy. I am fortunate that so far, my pregnancy has been completely normal but the enormous impact it has had on my mind and body, has taken me somewhat by surprise.

A VBAC Calmbirth story

After a long labor with multiple interventions for the birth of my first son in 2016, born via c-section, I was determined to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around.

The birth of Toby

We attended your Calmbirth course a few months ago in Mittagong. We just wanted to send a message to say a huge thank you for everything you taught us. Our son Toby was born a month ago with a beautiful birth that left us both feeling so positive about the whole experience.

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