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It’s possible to have an amazing VBAC

This is a message to all the women who are aiming for a VBAC: it is possible!! I am 40 years old now and not all the doctors I met at the hospital during my pregnancy were confident I could do it, but I was, all the way. I trusted my body, my doula, my strength and my baby.

Calmbirth – is preparation for all possibilities

Birth is mysterious and there is no certainty as to how it will unfold, it is a journey with infinite possibilities. Birth challenges us to face this rather uncomfortable space of not knowing and surrendering to the unknown. Despite this uncertainty there is so much that can be done to prepare for birth in all its beautiful forms.

Poppy’s calmbirth

I have had a the most positive birth experience with my daughter Poppy. After attending the Calmbirth course I felt to be in the best headspace I could be. For the first time I had complete faith in my body and my ability to birth my baby.

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