I am a big believer in “Knowledge is Power”

At the start of my pregnancy, I very much had the attitude of, whatever happens happens for the labour and birth. I was then accepted into the MGP program and it wasn’t until then that I began thinking I might as well go labour and birth with as much knowledge and power as I can to try and have the birth that I want. I researched, listened to podcasts, and prepped my mind and body for birth. I found Calmbirth and I knew it would be the right education for us. As I started learning about labour and birth, I became so fascinated in the whole process and learnt that I wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth/ water birth. I knew that Calmbirth education aligned with the labour and birth I was hoping to have.

All your baby needs is you! “Serve & Return”

There’s A LOT of toys and gadgets on the market these days for baby and children’s play, but did you know for optimal brain development, communication and social skills – sensitive, responsive and playful interactions with caregivers is BEST and it’s FREE

“It’s all about how you’re made to feel”

My waters dramatically broke at midnight, and contractions quickly followed. Not even an hour later, they were 5mins apart and almost one minute long. It was then that I noticed quite a bit of meconium stained liquor on my pad. We called the midwife. After a 40min car trip we arrived to the hospital. Once there, more meconium. I was offered by my midwife to do a vaginal examination. I was 7cm, but my midwife couldn’t feel baby’s head. I immediately knew what that meant, she a breech and so we agreed on a c-section.

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