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Articles by: Bec Fagan

How to Normalise a Medicalised Labour and Birth.

Education is the key when your preparing to labour and birth. Without education and knowledge you may find it hard to speak your truth and advocate for what you desire throughout your labour and birth journey. This knowledge will give you the confidence in asking the question’s you need to ask in order to then make informed choices.Having a supportive care provider that you have built a relationship with would be great place to start when thinking about informed consent. You do have choices in the medical system you just need to ask.

Your Oxytocin Bubble

As a registered Midwife I have taught and educated couples for almost 15 years and one of the easiest ways I’ve come to explain the absolute importance of a sacred labour and birth space is by referring to it as “Your Oxytocin Bubble”.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Bec Fagan

Bec is a Registered Midwife and Calmbirth Educator. Over the past 12 years of clinical practice she has always loved educating, empowering and assisting couples before, during and after their birthing process.

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