Guardian of my oxytocin….

Sally and Lanziz were both fantastic and supportive educators. By the end of the course I actually felt keen to give birth a go, because I felt like I had some tools to work with! I was really glad the course also focused on helping partners know how to best support the labouring woman.

Birth of Baby Banjo

Due to the very fast and intense 2 hour labour we definitely wouldn’t describe it as a Calmbirth, but we are so thankful that we did the Calmbirth course and learnt the techniques for life. We used them in early labour the day before Banjo was born and will forever remember that day, as we bonded deeply and calmly as a couple, waiting for our precious baby to arrive.

Calmbirth baby Frankie

My partner Adrian and I had the pleasure of completing the Calmbirth course in the comfort of our own home with, Sally and Lanziz. Adrian was initially sceptical about the course but it was extremely gentle and informative. We felt comfortable to ask questions in our own time no matter how silly they seemed and Sally and Lanziz were very flexible even allowing our dogs to join in over the weekend. We were treated with kindness, respect and without even knowing, the weekend course brought us closer than ever.

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