Welcome earthside Calmbirth baby Freddie

I feel so grateful that I was able to have a super positive birth experience. Nick was so great on the day too, I honestly could not have done it without him

Thank you for all of your education, support and guidance, you really helped to set us up for success and we can’t thank you enough.

Oliver’s Calm and gentle birth…

Here is how he gently entered the world…

My waters broke at midday & I had meconium stained liquor. I was asked to call back an hour later then further advised to come into the hospital. We set up our room and got ready to meet our baby. We discussed with the midwife our preferences and they were incredible.

Welcome Earth side Calmbirth baby Addison

Here is her incredibly inspiring birth story…written by her AMAZING Mama Kristen & supported by her wonderful Dad Michael

I was terrified of birth before attending Cass’ Calmbirth class & I truly believe we would’ve had a much different (more stressful) experience if we hadn’t utilised all that we learnt.

At 38+3 days I was diagnosed with Cholestasis & was told I needed to be induced that day. They did a cervical exam & I was already 2cm dilated.

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