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Articles by: Cherie Chugg

The early arrival of baby August…

I must say I was super surprised (& excited) to receive a message a few days ago saying this Calmbirth couple had just had their baby – 4 weeks early! They finished Calmbirth just in time.

Congratulations Verity & Dan on the safe arrival of August James, thank you for sharing your story. 

“Calmbirth really was in hindsight such a crucial part of our antenatal care. We came out of this experience feeling like we really were a team and managed a delivery using all the techniques we wanted to.”

“Thank you Cherie for such a positive experience, and glad we managed to finish our classes with you only a few days before labour!!”

It’s a girl – The birth of Nellie May Fahey

Nellie May Fahey was born at 4.45pm on June 10, 2020 weighing 4.045kg and 52cm. I am so grateful to calmbirth for providing both my husband and I the tools to have an empowered birth. We birthed without fear without any pain relief and with a whole lot of love and support in the room, a beautiful way for Nellie to enter the world! 

Wyatt David Thom is born

Going into the classes I was excited, and my partner skeptical, about how much we would learn in 2 days. By the end of the classes we had a very different perspective going into childbirth. Calmbirth gave us the tools and guidance to prepare ourselves with the possibilities of what happens before, during and after labour. My partner Kris definitely surprised as to how much partners can assist during labour.

Birth – from a Dad’s perspective!

We love hearing from our Calmbirth dads. Here, Calmbirth dad Ben, shares with us his endearing baby boy’s birth story. His memories of the day will have you laughing and crying all at the same time, as it is filled with much emotion, love and drama. At this point I was amazed at how primitive it became. Everything seemed so natural, so normal, but incredibly special at the same time. I did my best to support her; giving water, rubbing her back and body, applying pressure, encouraging her but being careful to not say too much.

The Birth of ‘Mighty’ Barnaby

Throughout our pregnancy our baby was small, in the 3rd percentile, needing to be monitored closely. I was trying to stay calm but had to be open that the baby may have to come early if anything changed – meditating and trying to trust this body. Hoping for a small and mighty little one.

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