The Foetus Ejaculation Reflex is real and Amazing! 

I’m finally getting around to write and share my birth story with you. It’s quite long so you might want to pour yourself a cuppa!

Angus was born 10 days ‘late’ on the 9th Feb at home in a birthing pool. It was beautiful and positive and I wanted to thank you again for your contribution to my birth preparation through the Calmbirth course.

“Calmbirth, along with my own independent research and support from my midwife enabled me to let go of institutionalised fear surrounding childbirth. The combination gave me the confidence and unwavering belief in body’s ability to birth my baby naturally, without intervention or pain relief, and outside of a hospital setting. I now live-in complete awe of the female body and its ability to grow, birth and provide for a baby without any conscious effort. Giving birth was the most intense thing I’ve ever done, but it wasn’t scary or unbearably painful, it was exhausting, beautiful and empowering.”

Welcome to the world Isla Evelyn…

Letting you know we welcomed Isla Evelyn on Monday. We used our Calmbirth techniques – especially breathing – not just throughout the incredibly intense 33 hour labour, but since then in dealing with sleep deprivation, baby blues and even milk production. We really feel that the weekend was pivotal in bringing us together as a team and allowing us to achieve something amazing together. It was also helpful in communicating to the hospital team about the type of birth we were hoping to achieve. The words “CalmBirth” were met with nods of understanding and in respect for our choices.

Thank you.

Surrendering to birth…

“Towards the end of pregnancy I really surrender and trusted that my body could birth our baby naturally. The Calmbirth course had such a positive impact for us and helped us really work as a team and focus on what was important during the birth.”

The early arrival of baby August…

I must say I was super surprised (& excited) to receive a message a few days ago saying this Calmbirth couple had just had their baby – 4 weeks early! They finished Calmbirth just in time.

Congratulations Verity & Dan on the safe arrival of August James, thank you for sharing your story. 

“Calmbirth really was in hindsight such a crucial part of our antenatal care. We came out of this experience feeling like we really were a team and managed a delivery using all the techniques we wanted to.”

“Thank you Cherie for such a positive experience, and glad we managed to finish our classes with you only a few days before labour!!”

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