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Articles by: Cherie Chugg

Introducing Elliott Steven

Elliott Steven arrived on the 21st September 2019 after a long but relatively uneventful labour that went for 3 days.  “I felt in control and calm for the majority of the time. I had faith in my body and as though I knew what was happening thanks to Calmbirth. Lee was able to support me with massage etc and walked the corridors with me trying to get things moving. Thanks to Calmbirth he also knew what was happening and had the tools to support me.”

Introducing Frankie George…

Meet Frankie.  On Friday the 4th of October we went in for a check having high blood pressure and being 40 weeks and 1 day they offered the stretch and sweep so we opted to try that, I was 2cm, on Sunday the 6th I could tell my labour had started.Staying calm I went on with my day knowing my body knew exactly what it was doing.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Cherie Chugg

Cherie Chugg is our one and only Calmbirth Educator in Tasmania. She is passionate about birth and works as a doula and Calmbirth Educator in Launceston. 
Supporting women as a doula was not enough for me I wanted to reach a wider group of people and I wanted to teach more couples about how to be prepared for childbirth. I knew from my own personal experience that having an understanding of what was going to be happening in my body helped eliminate any fears I had around childbirth.

Meet baby Lucy…

We found the Calmbirth tools very useful, particularly the essential oils, baths, breathing techniques, staying active, and relaxation. 

A VBAC Calmbirth story

After a long labor with multiple interventions for the birth of my first son in 2016, born via c-section, I was determined to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around.

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