Calmbirth of Archie James

“We completed the Calmbirth course to prepare us for labour it was brilliant and really helped, he could not have done a better job of supporting me.

“I found that having a plan & knowledge helped reduce the fear of the unknown.”

Welcome to the world Aryo Maxwell Rahimi

Wowee! Thank you so much for the tips and tricks we learnt at Calmbirth classes. Absolutely invaluable! Especially so as I had to be induced. Developed pregnancy induced hypertension at 38.5 weeks. Crikey the contractions were strong and the breathing helped sooooo much. As did the back massage Vahid was giving for every contraction (the one you taught with pushing in the bit above the hips).

The Calmbirth of baby Harvey

“I highly recommend doing a birth course. We did the Calmbirth course with Cherie Chugg and not only did I learn so much, it also helped Alex understand the stages of labour and how he could support me and be my voice when I was in the zone. Cherie taught us different positions, massage, acupressure and breathing techniques to use during the birth. She also explained how our bodies release different hormones to help during each stage of labour. Thanks to the Calmbirth course I understood all the options I could choose from if labour didn’t start spontaneously or if I needed interventions during birth. It helped me feel confident in the late stages of pregnancy.”

The Calmbirth of Nina Anne

Story by Emma & Dan

Our precious Nina arrived on 19th June 2021, weighing in at 7 pounds and 7 ounces of pure perfection.

My husband and I attended a Calmbirth workshop with Cherie in April and we are both incredibly grateful for the skills and knowledge we were equipped with throughout labour and beyond.

Due to a number of reasons, including decreased foetal movement, I was offered an induction at 41 weeks. After talking this through with our amazing MGP midwives and the doctors at the LGH, I decided to be induced that same day. Thanks to Calmbirth, I had a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of an induction and I was aware of the different methods that may be used. Knowledge is power, and I was grateful to be able to make informed decisions in the best interest of our baby girl.

The Calmbirth of Thomas Archible

Little Thomas Archible Johnston was born on the 1st of Feb at 0347. He was induced at 38 weeks on my obstetricians advice due to low AFI and placenta ‘dysfunction’. We were initially disappointed at having to have an induction, however we were prepared for the possibility and the induction earlier meant that I would get to have a go at a natural birth.

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