A Classical Tale

We had such a positive birth experience! Tens and gas and lots of slow breathing, plus I listened to a lot of classical piano pieces that I can play myself, so I imagined playing them to get me through contractions. I had a long spurious initial phase of labour (two days and two nights!) but felt very calm and relaxed- we did crosswords together to pass the time.

I got the Un-medicated Birth I was hoping for

We had our little girl almost two weeks ago, and everything you covered in Calmbirth made me feel extremely prepared for her arrival.

Labour didn’t quite go to plan, but it also went better than I could have imagined…I’d had really irregular contractions since 12:30 AM, nothing consistent with timing (20 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes), and certainly not increasing in strength – I used them as an opportunity to practice my breathing, but they were barely a hindrance in my day.

Not everything went to Plan A…

Welcome Little Lenny, “not everything went to Plan A, but I felt Strong and Confident and I am so Proud of labour and birth I had even though I needed an induction. . . . .

An unexpected landing for the birth of Archer

Since the beginning of our pregnancy, we knew we wanted a natural birth with as little medical intervention as possible. It was our midwife who suggested the Calmbirth course to us. Upon looking into it we thought it would be perfect to give us the tools we needed, so we booked ourselves in and looked forward to it for weeks. The course and our educator Dawn, were incredible, and we left feeling empowered, informed and confident as we moved closer to our baby’s arrival. However, we ended up using the skills we learned in a way we never would have imagined.

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