The Calmbirth of Cohen James.

Labour and delivery is by no means glamorous but it certainly is magical. You can’t beat the moment you welcome your first child into the world and hold them for the first time. There are no words to explain the feeling. I’ve never been so proud of myself or felt as strong as I did that day. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and am so lucky to have had the two best birthing partners to get me through such a roller coaster experience, one I never want to forget.

Birth can go so many different ways and I worked really hard to prepare myself for whatever birth threw at me, reminding myself that whichever direction it would take, as long as I had a healthy baby in my arms at the end.
Every birth story is personal and unique.

This is our story…The birth of Cohen James

My partner was an absolute rockstar in the delivery room

Calmbirth made all the difference for myself and my partner, and how we navigated the final weeks, labour and birth of our first child!

I was extremely anxious in the lead up to my due date and found myself (rather obsessively) searching for guidance on how to be ‘prepared’ for birth.

Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Denise Round

Denise Round is a midwife, Calmbirth Educator and so much more. Her passion about pregnancy, birth and beyond, has led her to having a career that has spanned across all fields of Midwifery, Child & Family Health, Lactation Consultancy, Education; as well as working with and supporting new families as they transition and grow into their role as parents.

Denise says, “I believe that when a baby is born, so is a mother; and that this incredible transformation unfolds throughout birth .

“When women and their partners are given the knowledge and understanding of how the mind and body are connected; and how they can access and work with their inner recourses, they approach birth free from fear, no matter how it unfolds. They can then work together physically, spiritually and emotionally to meet their baby ,and travel together through their right of passage into parenting with love  and joy.”

A Positive Birth Experience

Story by Yasar & Rob Raiti

My name is Yasar and I attended a Calmbirth course with my husband Rob, back in March. You presented the content to us in Nepean Hospital.

We would like to happily share our news and that is, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Zara into this world on Friday 23/04/2021. 

Zara was born at a tiny 2.34kg and she is 51cm long. She has already brought so much joy to our lives. I have attached some cute photos below.

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