Becoming parents is a new beginning..

Becoming parents is a new beginning…and like any new beginning it’s normal to feel nervous and apprehensive. You may have been around children before or watched others parent.bBut this time it’s you and you might not be sure of what to expect. Unsure of what changes might occur in your life. Between you and your partner as this new human enters your lives.There are very few things that can change life like a birth of a child!!

So how can you possibly make that transition from partners to parents a little smoother?

Mykaela & Mark’s Birth Story : Baby James

Wow where do I even start?

What a crazy, beautiful, and straight up phenomenal experience that was.

I describe my birth to people as amazing and that I loved every minute of it. They don’t believe me, and my Husband might remember it differently but that’s ok, all that matters is that for me it was positive!

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