An unexpected homebirth…

Just wanted to send through a big thankyou to Jen for a great Calmbirth course back in December. Although it was our second pregnancy/birth, Calmbirth really gave me (and hubby) the understanding and strategies we needed to make our second birth a much smoother and calmer experience. 

Doing it his way…

Yesterday we discussed during my Calmbirth class that Dads can sometimes feel like the passenger during pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period, with Mama in the drivers seat of course as her body accommodates growing life. One could say she has a head start in the bonding department as she feels this sweet little life growing inside her. So how can we help Dads to develop their own loving bond with babe?

Calmbirth baby Archer

When I received this beautiful birth story and testimony last night I almost raced through reading it, like when you are reading a great book and you just can’t wait to get to the next sentence. I slowed down and found myself so caught up in Archer’s amazing earth side arrival. I feel so lucky that I got to bring Calmbirth to you guys and I’ll always remember your love, excitement as parents to be and smiling faces while I was teaching. Your presence was so felt! Thankyou beautiful Teegs and Timmy 

Calmbirth baby Bowie

A beautiful birth story that’s speaks to an induction of labour where the birthing couple felt positive, empowered, supported and very much respected throughout the decision making process. Another thing, this gorgeous account is told by one very special Mama, Nadia, who is also one of my best friends in the whole wide world. To bring the Calmbirth program to Nardz and Sammy in a room full of other excited parents will always be one of those pinch me moments. Exquisite baby Bo landed the jackpot with these two for parents let me tell you! Enough gushing from me! Let’s hear from Nardz….

My Calmbirth baby nephew

Jenna Troy is a midwife and one of our very own talented Calmbirth Educators. She is also an extremely proud Aunty who helped support her sister, Lauren birth her baby boy.  Jenna shares with us an intimate account of her nephew’s birth from her perspective as a Calmbirth Educator and from her experience being a midwife. My Aunty heart is overflowing! Two weeks ago my sister and brother in law welcomed their second little boy in the ultimate safe, calm and private environment – their home. I am honestly struggling to put into words how amazing it was!! Hence my delay in posting this because I am struggling to capture the magic of what I was so lucky to witness!

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