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Articles by: Jenna Troy

One in Four

On the 15th October was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day and I was touched by so many beautiful photos and stories shared on my feed on social media.  I planned to do one myself and then suddenly — I froze! Writing this even now I am overcome with emotion. The thing is, I am #1in4 . I am not ashamed or hiding behind it by any means but sometimes (and thankfully now it’s only on the odd occasion) when I allow myself to remember what it was like losing my second pregnancy at 10 weeks tears well up in my eyes and my throat closes over. That’s the thing about grief and loss isn’t it – over time it might no longer be surface level but rather skin deep, etched into our Mama hearts


Did you know studies suggest that eating 60-80g of fresh medjool dates (equivalent to around 5-6 dates) every day from 36-37 weeks can lead to:


SROM (Sh-rom) aka Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes or in layman’s terms most people know it is simply as “your waters breaking” and refers to the fluid-filled bag of waters surrounding your baby breaking.

Did you know this about Vaginal Examinations?

6cm Dilated
You know you’re a Midwife when you see this image and the first thing you think is “6cm dilated” haha!Which leads me into the topic of vaginal examinations (aka VE or internals) in labour. Did you know that vaginal examinations have NO predictive value in determining how long your labour will last? Or when you will give birth?

Get into Water

There are so many beautiful benefits to labouring and birthing into warm water! It’s a wonderful way to help a woman to feel safe, calm and private! 

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