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Articles by: Jenna Troy

Did you know this about Vaginal Examinations?

6cm Dilated
You know you’re a Midwife when you see this image and the first thing you think is “6cm dilated” haha!Which leads me into the topic of vaginal examinations (aka VE or internals) in labour. Did you know that vaginal examinations have NO predictive value in determining how long your labour will last? Or when you will give birth?

Get into Water

There are so many beautiful benefits to labouring and birthing into warm water! It’s a wonderful way to help a woman to feel safe, calm and private! 

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Jenna Troy

We are so pleased to announce that Calmbirth Educator, Jenna Troy, will be joining Karen, Peter and Jessica in the Southern Highlands Calmbirth Centre in Mittagong to teach our highly acclaimed and trusted Calmbirth program.

Jenna is a Registered Nurse and Midwife who has enjoyed working in all areas and facets of Maternity but has found birth suite her calling.