A long, intense and an incredibly euphoric birth journey for Maddie

At 38+3 I went for my regular clinic appointment with my MGP midwife and found that I had a bit of a spike in my blood pressure. From there they monitored me for 24 hours which had it come down but only to a borderline level. So the decision was made to induce me on my due date if I hadn’t already gone into labour myself to decrease my risk of developing preeclampsia.

The Calmbirth of baby Julian

I’m not crying, you’re crying…

Bianca & Mitch,

Your story is everything. Your words, your strength, your power. Thank you for sharing your journey. ‘with knowledge, comes confidence’ – Calmbirth

Hey Jess! Hope you have been well. Just thought I’d update you on some very exciting news and share with you my very positive birth story!

My baby boy couldn’t wait any longer and was born 3 weeks and a day early! Introducing Julian Gregory Napoleone, born 18.8.22

I got the natural birth I wanted and I whole heartedly believe it’s the learnings from your class that made that possible. Your class also gave my partner Mitch the tools and understanding to be the perfect support person throughout. We are so grateful we did your class and we cannot thank you enough.

The birth of Toby

We attended your Calmbirth course a few months ago in Mittagong. We just wanted to send a message to say a huge thank you for everything you taught us. Our son Toby was born a month ago with a beautiful birth that left us both feeling so positive about the whole experience.


‘The amniotic membrane is adhered to the chorion – the other membrane attached to the placenta that sits between the amniotic membrane and the uterus.’ These membranes look like one, but are in fact two.

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