Phoebe’s Empowering Calmbirth…

Well we had our little boy! He was born 02.01.2023 at 12:04pm, GA 40+1. A nice solid 4kg on the dot!

I could not have asked for a better labour and delivery. Everything went so smoothly and I felt incredibly empowered the whole time

Your Positive Birth

When it comes to birthing your baby there are 5 essential things you can do to make your birth a positive experience..Here are my top five: your mindset matters, knowledge is power, practice makes permanent, setting up your birth space/environment and knowing your birth rights and choices. 

Calmbirth – is preparation for all possibilities

Birth is mysterious and there is no certainty as to how it will unfold, it is a journey with infinite possibilities. Birth challenges us to face this rather uncomfortable space of not knowing and surrendering to the unknown. Despite this uncertainty there is so much that can be done to prepare for birth in all its beautiful forms.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Kate Corbett

Kate Corbett is a midwife and mother of three young children. Her passion lies in assisting birthing couples to discover and develop their inner strengths for pregnancy, birth and beyond so that they may approach their baby’s birth feeling calm, confident and empowered.

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