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Articles by: Lauretta Hamilton

A Powerful and Empowering VBAC Birth Story!

Bree, Charlie & Louis welcomed beautiful ‘Neve’ into the world in June! 

Bree & Charlie did a Private class with me via Zoom, over four classes we worked through how they were feeling going into their second birth and preparing for a VBAC!

Bree was incredible in advocating for herself and her choices, she had the knowledge and was confident – and she DID it!! I have to share this text she sent me after Neve’s birth that sums up how empowered she felt…(shared with permission).

“I literally balled my eyes out and was like ‘I did it! I fucking did it’…. everyone just laughed haha. Thank you for your help. Calmbirth really helped, it was amazing.”

Preparing for childbirth with Calmbirth Educator Lauretta Hamilton

I was very excited to contribute to Megan’s blog this month – we talk all things preparing for birth, Calmbirth and my own birth experiences.Megan is a wonderful Women’s Health Physio in Ballarat @kindredphysioI met Megan when I was having some trouble with blocked milk ducts and trying to avoid mastitis – she was so easy to talk to, caring and super knowledgable!I talk to all my clients about the importance of having a Women’s Health Physio in your ‘village’ to support you through pregnancy and postpartum, regardless of how you birth, they’re so valuable and important in your recovery.So get comfy with a cuppa (or two) as you might know by now I LOVE to share but don’t love keeping to a word count. I hope you find it valuable and enjoy reading as much as I loved writing it, and a very big thanks to Megan for the opportunity. Xx Lauretta

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Lauretta Hamilton

Lauretta is a Registered Nurse and Midwife as well as a mum of two beautiful little girls!”I attended a Calmbirth course during my first pregnancy and after the first day, I knew I had to teach this incredible course and share it with as many couples as I possibly could! It helped my husband and I to work together and prepare ourselves with the mindset and practical tools to create a really positive birth experience.”I then did a refresher course for my second pregnancy and again, despite being an educator myself by this time, I gained so much confidence going into my second birth – it was so lovely to have time together to focus on and prepare for the birth of our second little girl – and wow, it was just as incredible as the first! Intense and powerful but so well supported by my husband, sister and colleagues.”One of the many things I love about Calmbirth is that it teaches skills for LIFE! Not just skills to be used in pregnancy, labour and birth, but ones that you will find yourself using everyday and even more so when you face stressful or challenging situations (especially when your toddler is having a LOT of emotions!). “I also love that it’s not about a specific type of birth – Calmbirth is about creating a positive experience, regardless of the birth scenario and what may play out on the day, and we prepare you with the knowledge of how to manage any situation. We can’t always control what happens, but we CAN control the attitude we bring to it, with the right knowledge and tools to make sure that you can savour the life altering moment of meeting your beautiful baby!”

The Birth Map – boldly going where no birth plan has gone before

I was so excted to discover the incredible resource that is the ‘Birth Map’ and to have a chat with Catherine all about what led her to creating it and how women, their caregivers and support people can use it. So what is Birth Mapping? “It’s a birth preparation process focused on making informed decisions for various possibilities, these are recorded in a personalised birth map, that is used by care providers and support people during your labour and birth”.This includes preparation for all birth scenarios as well as for after your baby is born and your postpartum.

The unfolding of Amy’s birth stories are full of elation, excitement, exhaustion, and empowerment…

Sometimes you meet people and the love and bond between them is just visible, you just know that when they work together to birth their baby it will be absolute magic!This was certainly the case with Amy and Mitch – they’re just the loveliest people and our time spent together during our private Calmbirth classes was SO much fun and an absolute pleasure for me… to be invited into their home and space was a privilege, as they prepared for the birth of their second little love.Harley turned One a few weeks ago, so I thought it was the perfect time to share the story of both his and his big sister Lilly’s birth!Thank you with all my heart to Amy for her generousity in allowing me to share – Harley’s birth shows how knowledge, preparation and incredible team work can support you in having a beautiful, empowering birth – just look at that photo of Amy with Harley in her arms! It speaks volumes to that overwhelming elation and ‘I did it’ moment,  hope you all enjoy! “I’ll never forget that first cuddle and the way she peacefully looked into my eyes as though we’d known each other for a lifetime. I couldn’t believe the person I had felt growing inside me for over nine months was now laying on my chest. I was a mum! She was so the most amazing thing I had ever seen. The elation, excitement, exhaustion, and empowerment I felt in that moment is unlike anything I had ever felt before.”

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