Book Review : The Birth Map

I’d heard of birth plans but I’d never heard of a birth map or birth cartography until I was listening to episode six of The Calmbirth Conversation podcast featuring Catherine Bell, author of “The Birth Map”.  I was inspired and intrigued and I knew I wanted to know more so I read the book and I am so glad I did.  I love seeing birth plans in my patients files but reading this book has changed the way I talk to couples about how to document their informed decisions for their care and what they need to know when navigating the hospital system

Getting To Know Calmbirth Educator Lee Swift

I love stories.  Reading them, watching them, listening to them. I even love singing and dancing them.  I especially love birth stories.  I’m excited to have the opportunity, through Calmbirth, to help you start your own birth story.  Investing in a Calmbirth course will provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and tools that you need to be the author of your birth story.  Calmbirth will also give you the ability to handle any plot twists that may come your way.  To learn more about the course click on the following links What to expect and Why Calmbirth?

Let me tell you a little of my own story…

I became fascinated with pregnancy and birth when I was a nursing student.  My good friends were having their first baby and they invited me to sit in on an antenatal appointment.  The moment I heard that baby heart beat I was hooked!  I returned to university to study midwifery as soon as I could, and I’ve not looked back.   I love working at the local hospital and meeting new parents and their babies, witnessing part of their birthing story and the beginning of their parenting journey.  I’m absolutely delighted to be able to work closer with couples though Calmbirth.   I love talking about pregnancy, birth and caring for little people and I often get teased by my husband, and business partner, for talking about birth when I am supposed to be serving in our shop, and from my children when I stop wherever we are to admire babies and pregnant bellies and ask questions of both little people and parents.

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