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Articles by: Marijana Batista

Let’s Zoom into Calmbirth

As a parent educator till recently I would walk into a room filled with becoming parents and with knowledge, experience, my presence, my voice and my hands I would deliver good quality education mixed with the groups involvement, hands on as well as a slight twist of humour and a tinge of a German accent. Only recently I found myself walking into my bedroom to sit in front of a screen to teach Calmbirth to couples.

The Journey to Motherhood

As I sit writing these words on my due date, I reflect on my own journey through pregnancy and thoughts of my impending birth. Coming into this as a midwife, yoga teacher and Calmbirth educator, from the outside it would seem I had all the necessary tools to deal with pregnancy. I am fortunate that so far, my pregnancy has been completely normal but the enormous impact it has had on my mind and body, has taken me somewhat by surprise.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Maja Batista

Maja completed her Midwifery in Germany in 2005. She has worked as a community midwife in Frankfurt, Germany, and as a hospital based midwife in Dublin. She now works as a midwife in Sydney in a Birth Centre and has been a Calmbirth Educator since 2017.We are so pleased to announce that Maja will be joining our team of Calmbirth Educators and will be teaching the Calmbirth Program at the NSPH starting on 16th& 23rd June.  

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