The Birth of Baby Ollie…

Thank you so much for your time doing the Calmbirth course with us again. We used many of the tools during the remainder of pregnancy and during labour/birth.


O L L I E  



4.77kg (10Ib 8oz)



Feels like I have given birth to a 2month old at this size…

Positive Birth Story:

Our 2nd baby and a much more positive experience compared to my firstborn who I was induced with and suffered mental trauma with.

Why I do what I do…

When you know what is possible in birth, you NEED to share it. You want others to walk away from their experiences feeling empowered, entering parenthood full of confidence. You want others to experience THIER power and to bathe in the magic that is birth.

My body knew what to do…

To say that I was nervous, anxious and doubting in my ability to deliver my baby is absolutely accurate. The fear and self-doubt completely consumed me from around the 30th week of my first pregnancy, so when a girlfriend told me about Calmbirth, I was instantly drawn to the concept and ethos of the program. 

Introducing Baby Rosie…

Overall I found my birth the most amazing, challenging, yet empowering experience. I was so proud with how calm I remained and felt so lucky to have my supportive husband by my side. The Calmbirth classes helped us so much! They gave me confidence that my body (and mind) were capable of bringing our little girl into the world.. and I did it completely drug free! I am a huge advocate for your Calmbirth classes and would recommend them to anyone!

A Positive Birth Experience….

I am so thankful for my experience because I had a positive and amazing labour. And despite it not going to my original ‘ideal’ plan, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. And yes there are times that medical intervention is needed to ensure mum and bub’s safety, but that’s perfectly ok too.

The Calmbirth course reinforced that our bodies know what they need to do and that we don’t need to be afraid of labour – it can be an amazing challenge and beautiful experience.

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