Breastfeeding on Demand

It’s World Breastfeeding Week! This year’s theme is: “Protect breastfeeding: a shared responsibility”. The theme highlights the importance of support – right from a nuclear level through to a more structural level, to enable women to achieve their breastfeeding goals, so that babies and infants can reach their optimal health.

A positive and amazing labour despite deviating from my original ‘ideal’ birth plan

“We don’t need to be afraid of labour – it can be an amazing challenge and beautiful experience”.

My husband and I attended your Calmbirth class and found it so helpful to understand not only the labour process but also discuss how we may prepare for this and work together to bring our first baby boy into the world. My ‘ideal’ labour was to have a vaginal water birth without pain relief. As much as this ‘ideal’ is important to work out your preferences, I also found it was extremely important to take a calm and informed approach as things do not always go to a rigid plan.

Bring on Birth…

I remember when Lisa walked out of the final day of Calmbirth she said “Bring it on!”. She looked genuinely excited to give birth. So wonderful to read her positive story

The Birth of Baby Ollie…

Thank you so much for your time doing the Calmbirth course with us again. We used many of the tools during the remainder of pregnancy and during labour/birth.


O L L I E  



4.77kg (10Ib 8oz)



Feels like I have given birth to a 2month old at this size…

Positive Birth Story:

Our 2nd baby and a much more positive experience compared to my firstborn who I was induced with and suffered mental trauma with.

Why I do what I do…

When you know what is possible in birth, you NEED to share it. You want others to walk away from their experiences feeling empowered, entering parenthood full of confidence. You want others to experience THIER power and to bathe in the magic that is birth.

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