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Articles by: melinda webb

Using Visualisation in the Birthing Space

Visualisation is one of the tools and strategies we teach in the Calmbirth program to help you achieve the positive birth experience and outcome that you and your partner long for. However, the term visualisation can also be very misunderstood and daunting for some. 

The Importance of Active Listening in the Birth Space

We know that a woman will birth best when she feels SAFE, UNDISTURBED and RESPECTED, but did you know that LISTENING and being HEARD in the birthing space is equally as important. Listening in the birthing space is crucial for labouring women to feel comfortable and it requires great skill.

The Importance of Touch through Acupressure in Labour and Birth

Touch itself communicates that we have respect, a simple gesture to show support to another and touching a person in a therapeutic manner, holding an acupressure point, enhances the effectiveness of labour and birth.   As a Dr Chinese medicine and Doula, I consistently use acupressure throughout labour and birth as a tool for teaching both the birthing partner or support team to use them too.

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