postioning your baby

Breech or Posterior Babies – How To Get Them to Turn

Is your baby Breech or Posterior? When your baby isn’t in the ideal position.Most care providers would like your baby to be in the optimal fetal position – head down, however, this is not always the norm.  Some babies don’t get that memo by 34 weeks!

morning ritual

The Simplicity of Lemon and Water

It is a great time to cleanse ensuring you are helping your body with environmental factors and stress.  When in the clinic working as a Dr Chinese medicine, I speak often about the role of the Liver in being the Commander of the body and organs.  When the Commander is unhappy everyone is unhappy, so it is important always to soothe the Liver, calming the body.  The role of the Liver is to remove toxins, performing this essential metabolic function. So cleansing the Liver to start your day, ensures the body is running correctly, enabling you to have more energy.  As the Livers role within the body is to support the muscles by supplying them with blood, when you are sleeping the blood returns to the Liver to be cleansed, again lemon and hot water are your go-to here. 

How eating beans can aid with nausea

Beans refer to any edible seed that belongs to the legume familyThey are a great source of protein, iron, calcium and are high in fibre.  And now have been found to reduce nausea, it’s a win, win situation for the bean!

Using Visualisation in the Birthing Space

Visualisation is one of the tools and strategies we teach in the Calmbirth program to help you achieve the positive birth experience and outcome that you and your partner long for. However, the term visualisation can also be very misunderstood and daunting for some. 

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