Our son Matteo Antonio

Just letting you know we had our baby on 26th March at Moruya District Hospital. To our surprise and delight we had a little boy! We’ve called him Matteo Antonio and he is a very content, peaceful little boy. 

What you need to know about the mind & body connection in birth…

Did you know the Calmbirth childbirth education program is designed around the mind body-connection? The primary emphasis of Calmbirth is the mind-body connection and how a mother’s state of mind, in fact the couples state of mind, can influence the labour and birth process in many different ways, physically as well as emotionally.

A Thank YOU 14 years later….

We LOVE getting testimonials 14 years later!!

This is a beautiful testimonial from one of Peter Jackson’s original Calmbirth couples, Karen Lobwein who did the Calmbirth course 14 years ago.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Peter Jackson

Calmbirth would like to wish its Founder and only male Calmbirth Educator, Peter Jackson, a very happy Father’s Day this Sunday. We would like to thank him for his passion, work, and dedication he has shown in revolutionising childbirth education in Australia and making a difference in the world and to pregnant couples.

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