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Articles by: Peter Jackson

A Thank YOU 14 years later….

We LOVE getting testimonials 14 years later!!

This is a beautiful testimonial from one of Peter Jackson’s original Calmbirth couples, Karen Lobwein who did the Calmbirth course 14 years ago.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Peter Jackson

Calmbirth would like to wish its Founder and only male Calmbirth Educator, Peter Jackson, a very happy Father’s Day this Sunday. We would like to thank him for his passion, work, and dedication he has shown in revolutionising childbirth education in Australia and making a difference in the world and to pregnant couples.

Love & Fear – its impact on Mental Health

Can the Calmbirth prenatal education classes make a positive contribution to the mental health of pregnant couple’s as well as to the children of the next generation?

And, what has happened to our humanity over recent times to create such an epidemic of mental health problems?

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