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Articles by: Rosie Weatherly

Maisie’s Calm & Harmonious Birth

Prior to attending Rosie’s Calmbirth course I was very anxious about labour and giving birth. I had somewhat convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to cope during labour and that I wanted to have an elective cesarean.

Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Rosie Weatherly

This is us!Well it was 10 months ago! ⠀With so many new followers lately I just wanted to say a quick “hello” and “thank you”!⠀Thank you for investing in your own and your families wellbeing. Even if it’s just one post that resonates with you I feel extremely fortunate to be able to help.⠀Sharing my knowledge with you all is something that excites me in my dream that one day birth will be enjoyed & looked forward to rather than feared.⠀

When it comes time to pack their hospital bag, women often ask me ‘what do I really need?’

The single biggest thing you need, is support! Emotional and physical support to help you through the ‘labour of love’. Its vital you have confidence in yourself and the birthing team around you (support people and hospital staff). Remember- SAFE SUPPORTED LOVED.Here is a list of all the things that I believe will most likely get used, rather than be lugged around to be unpacked again once home.

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