Liminal Spaces as a Parent

Liminal space can often be defined as a place a person finds themselves in during a transition. It’s defined as a gap, a space we move through from one state to the next, from one experience to another.

I am very interested in this idea of liminal space and how this relates to the transitions that happen in our lives. Pregnancy, birthing and becoming parents are all transitions and have experiences of liminal states.  The support we feel, the information we gather, knowledge we already have, and the experiences that have come before will influence how we navigate these spaces.

Transition from Birth to Parenting

I often hear from women (and their partner’s) about the joys and sorrows that fluctuate with the challenges, frustrations, and difficulties experienced with their transition to becoming parents.  There are many blogs, articles, and research that can be found about the diversity of these experiences.  It can be comforting to hear other’s stories also, to know that ‘I’m not alone’, to find information that supports how you are feeling.

 Undisturbed Birth – Safe, Secure, Private & Quiet

I first had the opportunity to hear French obstetrician Michel Odent speak at a conference over 15 years ago.  Hearing him describe a mammal’s instinct to find a space where they could not be observed – a space that is quiet, and undisturbed, and allows them to feel safe when giving birth – was a ‘lightbulb’ moment for me. 

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