Allanah’s Empowering Water Birth

The Calmbirth Brisbane course my partner Brandon and I did in August with Suzanne Swan was such an amazing course, it gave us all the tools we needed and was quite honestly the best thing we did to prepare for the birth of our little boy! As luck would have it, on the day my midwife couldn’t make it, so we were able to use the birth plan we’d written up for our stand-in midwife. I ended up having a beautiful, empowering waterbirth – I have attached a photo mum took! I have just finished writing down and reflecting on the whole experience and really think the Calmbirth course gave us so much knowledge and confidence throughout the whole process!

Natasha & Zamil’s Labour of LOVE…

Zamil and I wanted to let you know we were blessed with a beautiful girl, Saira, on Sunday 7 February and she is doing absolutely amazing. We decided to go with an induction to help ensure a smooth delivery.  After the gel was applied on Saturday evening my waters naturally broke on Sunday morning which was very exciting as this marked the beginning of our labour of love.

Vocalisation in Labour

Midwives know that when a labouring woman feels safe, private and unobserved she will move unrestrictedly, make sounds uninhibitedly and will more closely follow her instincts. Making sounds during labour helps women to shift their consciousness into a deeper, calmer state of mind.There is also a physiological connection between the vocal cords and cervix.

Baby Jack’s calm and blessed birth

We went home with baby Jack that morning & have been smitten ever since. It was such a lovely & surreal experience, with my husband & I feeling truly blessed to have had such a positive experience, yet so proud of the effort we put into preparing ourselves & my body as much as possible.
I decided to take control of what I could and set about to fill my oxytocin cup by practising the Calmbirth techniques before heading to hospital that night.

Once I got to the hospital, I settled into my ward room and my husband went home for a good nights sleep before the ‘big day’ tomorrow.

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