Building a Bond with your Baby – Infant Attachment

Attachment parenting is far from a fad. Decades of research have shown that a child who has a secure attachment with a primary caregiver, fosters the growth of a happier and healthier child across multiple developmental domains. Attachment parenting is well supported by developmental neuroscience, which explore how interactions between baby and caregiver impact on the babies growing brain.

Creating and holding space – parents of the COVID pandemic

By Rachel Bridge

The journey into and through parenthood comes with so many expectations, from so many directions, well-meaning friends and family, health professionals, media, social media, as well as our own experiences and expectations of self.

When we begin stepping towards the journey of parenthood, hopes, dreams, desires start to surface. We envisage certain moments of our experience and how that may or may not look…the pregnancy announcement, the baby shower, maternity leave, birth, postpartum, pregnancy care, postpartum care, support, the list goes on.

Chiropractic Care – should it be part of your pregnancy plan?

Pregnancy is a time of massive change – mentally, emotionally, hormonally, and biomechanically
It is also a time when many women look for other options to manage various health challenges during their pregnancy. Chiropractic care rates among the many that women choose during this time. The great thing about chiropractic care is that it is safe, gentle, and drug-free – things we all want in any intervention while pregnant.

As a chiropractor, it is both a responsibility and a privilege to care for increasing numbers of pregnant women as more and more of them seek out chiropractic care as part of their pregnancy plans.

This article explores some new research around the possible benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women and offers a brief review of the broader picture of chiropractic care in this area. 

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