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The birth of Adelynn

I just wanted to share my story to inspire others of how things don’t often work out as planned, but can still be amazing. My husband and I did our Calmbirth course when I was 31 weeks with Denise Round. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was incredibly anxious about giving birth. It was suggested by friends of mine to do the Calmbirth course. After the course my husband was so equipped with knowledge and skills to assist me during labour and felt empowered to be able to advocate for me during labour. 

Preventing food allergy in your baby

We now know that the best way to prevent allergies in our children is to give them the common allergy causing foods before they turn one. Delaying the introduction of the common allergy causing foods does not prevent food allergy.

Calmbirth coming to The Mater Hospital in North Sydney in July

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!CALM BIRTH IS COMING TO THE MATER HOSPITAL IN NORTH SYDNEY IN JULY THIS YEAR.The Mater Hospital in North Sydney and Calmbirth is proud to announce that the very sought after, highly acclaimed and TRUSTED Calmbirth program will be officially launched at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney in July this year.

The Calmbirth of James

Stuart and I cannot recommend the Calmbirth course highly enough. We thoroughly recommend it to ALL our friends. Calmbirth really made our birthing experience a positive one, we loved that you could easily apply Calmbirth techniques, and it worked!