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Even during a pandemic babies WILL be born & Calmbirth will be there to help support, empower & educate pregnant couples in a virtual classroom

Due to the current threat of the Coronavirus and the increased risk of cross infection between class participants, all major maternity hospitals in Sydney have suspended face to face antenatal education classes.
It is anticipated that hospitals in other states will soon apply the same restrictions and private practitioners may also need to adopt the same boundaries. As a result of this pandemic, Calmbirth has come up with an innovative solution that enables pregnant couples, whose anxiety levels maybe peaking with all the uncertainties to still be able to access quality and evidence based childbirth education in a virtual classroom via ZOOM, where the couples can engage with other pregnant couples, their Calmbirth Educator as well as calm their fears about giving birth.

How coronavirus is changing maternity wards

Pregnancy is usually a time of joy and nerves but the anxiety is only rising as the coronavirus continues to spread.Calm Birth owner Karen McClay tells Deborah Knight that the coronavirus is having a major impact on pregnant women. “There’s maternity units that are having to consider cutting down visitors and limiting who can actually go onto units as well, so there’s concern about what support people they can take with them.”She says they have tried to adjust to the new normal by moving programs online and using telehealth appointments.

March to Safe Birth

Support the work of the Barbara May Foundation by participating in March to Safe Birth. We are supporters of the wonderful work Dr Andrew Browning and his team do in providing maternal healthcare services within the sub- Saharan Africa.Join us to March to Safe Birth in March to help provide dignity and safety in childbirth for the underprivileged women of nomadic and remote communities in Africa where childbirth remains a matter of life and death.

Building Your Village – Strategies To Thrive During Your Postpartum Period

Up until now, the fourth trimester or otherwise known as the postpartum period was seldom talked about. Today, this post partum period has been recognised as crucial not only for the healthy development of the baby, but also for the healing of the mother after birth and the transition to parenthood for both mother and father/partner alike.This is why we are collaborating with experts in the field of perinatal mental health and wellbeing to continue to offer support and confidence to new parents who may be feeling challenged or even overwhelmed with the complexities and emotional journey that becoming new parents brings. We are working together with Rachel Bridge, a psychologist and author who shares our passion and values in supporting families on their postpartum journey by providing much needed resources and strategies to cope during this very fragile time in a new parent’s life.

Visualisation and Childbirth

Riki Copper is a Limitless Minset Coach who has been working with Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute sinice 2017 to change peoples lives with results that stick –  helping people to live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.”OUR MISSION is to assist in raising the level of conscious awareness of every individual who we come into contact with. We do this through facilitating key learnings in a number of self study and mentor programs,” says Riki. As a Mindset Coach, Riki uses some of these principles and shares his knowledge with pregnant couples to help them create the birth they want by using techniques such as visualisation in childbirth and tools to help pregnant couples change their thoughts, perceptions and feelings about birth – to help them create the birth they want by getting them to focus on ‘on what the birth they want actually looks like for them. 

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