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Story by Heidi Young, Founder of the Nest Kids CPR & Allergy

Today’s video is about the early introduction of the common allergenic foods. There’s lots of confusion about this topic and about how we should be introducing these foods.

This is for any parent that is starting to introduce foods to their baby or any parent of a child with a food allergy who has been told to introduce other foods – we are going to go through a strategy that you can use to introduce those foods.

The Calm Breath…

One of our Calmbirth couples, Victoria McCartney, sent us this beautiful and powerful photo of her birth. here is what she had to say.

BREAKING NEWS – Calmbirth Pilot Study in Auckland City Hospital

Calmbirth classes – FREE of charge in a Pilot Study in Auckland City Hospital.
From September 2020 to June 2021 Calmbirth will be conducting Calmbirth courses for Auckland District Health Board for FREE to couples that meet the criteria. This pilot project is part of an initiative to create opportunities for normal birth at Auckland City Hospital.

Calmbirth Conversation Series 6: The Birth Map & Making Informed Decisions About Birth

In this episode the Director of Calmbirth, Karen McClay, chats with Catherine Bell, a Birth Cartographer @birthmapping, about her book “The Birth Map”. This is a fantastic tool to assist women and their partners navigate their journey of birth.

The Birth Map enables them to open the lines of communication with each other and their caregivers and most importantly, make informed decisions for the best birth for not only themselves but for their babies.

Baby and toddler sleep help that isn’t sleep training

Are you looking for help with your baby or toddler’s sleep that is not sleep training? As we move through this year of drought, bush-fire, and COVID 19 on into the challenge of the 2020s, increasing numbers of parents are making a decision to avoid conventional sleep training methods.

This could be because they have tried sleep training and have decided it doesn’t work for their family. Experimenting is a great parenting strength and it makes sense that many of us experiment with what still remains the dominant approach to infant sleep.

Or it could be that parents have decided that sleep training doesn’t align with their parenting values. These values are unique to each parent and each family – and it is important to never judge another family’s decisions, since everyone wants to do the right thing by their child.

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