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A calm and beautiful birth

After hearing nothing but good things about the Calmbirth course, it was exciting to know that my chosen hospital, Sutherland Shire was now offering the course. My husband and I completed the course in March of 2019 with the wonderful Alisha who I was also lucky enough to have as my midwife supporting me during my pregnancy.

Angelic Alice is born…

Our darling Alice was born one month ago tomorrow. Ever since her birth, I have wanted to share our birth experience, talk about a topic that is often avoided.Well it’s not entirely true, society loves to talk about childbirth. But the reality is that society loves to talk about the negative experiences, very few people share positive labour stories and birth experiences.

Birth – From an EXTREMELY male perspective…and then HERS!

Let me start by mansplaining – I am a male, therefore everything I do is an EXTREME sport. If I am making dinner I use every pot I can find, and there is some collateral damage usually from pasta sauce, but that’s the price for culinary perfection. If I have a cold, I am the sickest, the most run down, and the most extreme it is possible to be (I think that extreme sport is called man flu). Because everything I do is extreme.So when I found out we were having a baby I was ecstatic… but I had a problem. How can I make my role as support person ‘extreme’?

The birth of Felicity Jane

I’ve been meaning to email you both to let you know how the birth of our second child, Felicity Jane, in December 2018, unfolded and how grateful I am, again, for the work you do with Calmbirth.Our son, Nicholas was born 3yrs ago, after a very long, induced labour (10 days ‘overdue’) this time around I prepared for labour differently.

The Birth of Harper Jean Hogan

Since beginning my journey to motherhood I have always known that I wanted to learn as much as I could about a Calmbirth method. My partner, Alex, and I attended a wonderful 2 day Calmbirth workshop with Maja at the North Shore Private Hospital when I was 35 weeks pregnant, and three weeks later our little girl made her way into the world.