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Despite some complications I loved my birth

Despite having a few complications and my birth not going totally as planned, I wanted to share my beautiful birth story and thank Calmbirth so much for giving us all the coping strategies we needed to manage our birth. The Calmbirth course was just amazing and it will forever be part of our first child’s birth story and my birth experience. Hopefully, in a few years we can come back and do a Calmbirth refresher course for our second child. 

I felt supported, safe and calm

I wanted to share with you mine and my partner Dane’s birth story of our daughter. Etta Rae Chamberlain Chard was born on the 30th Nov 2018 on the last day of spring at 43+1 weeks. We’re incredibly emotional and excited as we inch closer to her first birthday. We are also enormously grateful to you and the Calmbirth program.


It’s that time of year again when Calmbirth is calling ALL MidwivesDoulasAnd any medical or health professionals who work in birth to join our passionate and professional team of Calmbirth Educators.If you have a passion to help enrich the birth experience for pregnant and birthing couples.If you want to change our birth culture to inspire future generations to embrace birth as a natural part of life with knowledge, confidence and skills.If you want to inform couples of their birth choices and empower them to birth with the support of their partners and cargegives. 

There’s no birth like a Calmbirth

Never underestimate the power of a positive birth story, it’s one way couples can contribute to changing birth culture by inspiring others to believe that they too can have a wonderful and positive birth experience. Thank you so much Danielle, for sharing with us your birth experience. It is amazing how the right education and tools can so positively impact one of the most important times in our lives. A big congratulations to you both on believing in yourself and having 3 wonderful Calmbirth babies. After all, there’s no birth like a Calmbirth!

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