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Welcome ‘earthside’ baby Stella Iris

Throughout the whole labour and birthing experience Michael held space for me. My midwife made me feel comfortable and respected. For pain we used: massage, water, essential oils, acupressure, TENs machine and lastly Gas.We truly couldn’t have wished for a better way to welcome our daughter into the world.If we hadn’t undertaken the Calmbirth course, we wouldn’t have had the education to know what our birth preferences could be, and how to advocate for them. I wouldn’t have been able to labour at home for so long as I did without any fear and I was able to trust that my body knew what it was doing. Thank you for the confidence Calmbirth! 

Miss Audrey’s Calmbirth

Molly’s birth needed to be induced due to excess blood flow in the brain found on a growth scan, so the Dr’s were happy since she was a day from full term, to come out.Even though I was induced, I used all of the techniques you taught us in the Calmbirth course, and I birthed Molly into the world with only gas.

‘Strong Mamas’ Calm Water Birth of Bella Jayne

Founder of ‘Strong Mamas’ Health and Fitness, Rachel Giampietro, proved just how strong and capable her body , mind and support network was to help her birth her baby, Bella Jayne, at home in a calm water birth using all the Calmbirth techniques of breathing, visualisation and focusing on birthing her baby the way she wanted. “I couldn’t have visualised a better birth or a better way to bring my beautiful girl into the world.”The love and energy in the room and in my heart the whole time was just out of this world. I could cry tears of happiness thinking of how blessed I am to have her and to have the support team I had. Every single person in that room helped me be able to have this birth as what I can only describe as a “dream birth”.”I felt incredibly empowered, beautiful and strong the whole time. I only hope and dream all women birthing all over the world get to feel what I felt.“A mother will birth best where she feels safe” is the BEST thing I learnt from Calmbirth and it is SO true. Home is certainly a place where I feel safe so a homebirth was perfect for me and it can be for you too if you feel safe, believe in yourself and have the right people around you!”

Pioneer of Childbirth Education in Australia, Peter Jackson is coming to New Zealand

We have some very exciting news to tell pregnant couples who live in Auckland, New Zealand and that’s that the pioneer of childbirth education in Australia and Founder of Calmbirth is coming to New Zealand to teach the program. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to do the Calmbirth program with him as he has recently retired. Calmbirth Educator, Debbie Peters who teaches the Calmbirth program in Auckland has invited him over, to not only show off her beautiful country but to also show him off and why there’s no birth like a Calmbirth. 

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