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“Nepean Hospital is pleased to offer the Calmbirth antenatal education program for expectant parents in the Nepean Blue Mountains region. The Calmbirth classes are an exciting addition to the services available for local families and will further enhance the quality, compassionate care provided by the Women’s and Children’s Health Service at Nepean Hospital.”

Calmbirth for FREE as part of a pilot study in Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand – Here is what A Calmbirth couple in Auckland had to say about their Calmbirth experience…

A testimonial from a Calmbirth couple, Christina Fortes & Noa Pitovao that were part of a pilot study at the Auckland City Hospital.

We are firm believers of Calmbirth
and sincerely hope we manage to encourage many more couples to attend,
and most of all, get the Auckland City Hospital to continue providing the Calmbirth course for free so it is accessible by all walks of life and not just those who have spare money floating about.

This pilot project is part of an initiative to support natural birth in Auckland City Hospital. To learn more and to register go to: http://pepi.adhb.govt.nz/

SEE if you qualify for a FREE Auckland DHB CALMBIRTH Course. To Learn more and to Register go to: http://pepi.adhb.govt.nz/

Tag and Tell ALL your pregnant friends in Auckland, NZ.
Melinda is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, specialising in Women’s Health in Rozelle NSW. She also works closely with families as a Doula and Calmbirth Educator.

Postnatal Isolation

The messages are flowing, the visitors are frequent and there are huge smiles all round. You’ve just given birth to the most spectacular little human you have ever seen! Life is hectic and tiring, yet somehow you still feel a sense of energy and excitement when you gaze into those sparkling, curious eyes.

Quite quickly your new life settles into its new pattern. Partners go back to work, family and friends visit much less often, and the messages become a slow trickle rather than a tsunami. You are now feeling far more alone than you had ever expected. Who do you talk to? Who do you share your little victories with? What about navigating those inevitable challenges that come along with caring for a baby? Nobody told you how hard this really is.

The Beginning of Us…

The Transition into and through parenting comes with many changes. Changes of self, identity, roles and ……relationships. For some, the relationship that we once knew blossoms through a beautiful stage of growth as we bond over the shared love of the little human that together we have created. For others, our relationship is trialled and tested, facing the most challenging stage yet, and maybe ever, for most, it’s both!

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