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The Birth Ball… Ah the trusted birth ball (aka fit ball). Oh, so versatile!
Often every heavily pregnant woman’s best friend used as a way to get the baby out”!

The birth ball is again great for opening the pelvis and promoting the use of gravity. It encourages women and babies in active, upright, and optimal positioning for birth.

It can be used to sit on, lean on, lay across. In the shower, on the floor, wherever it is needed.

There is even a smaller version, the peanut ball (just a fit ball shaped like a peanut) which can be perfect to rest your leg on in labour when actively resting. The peanut ball is best used in side lying positions, lunge positions or to elevate on leg when kneeling.

Caution: always go slow when lowering onto a birth ball. Can be a good idea to have something or someone anchoring the ball in posiootn when in use.


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