Getting to know you…

Karen McClay is the Director of Calmbirth® PTY LTD. She is also a Southern Highlands Calmbirth Educator, practising Registered Midwife (RM), and a Registered Nurse (RN) and is the daughter of the founder of Calmbirth®, Peter Jackson. Karen is a highly experienced Calmbirth® educator having seen over 1700 couples complete the Calmbirth® program since 2009. She is taking Calmbirth to the next [...]

Birthing on country

There is a revolution gathering momentum within the birthing community and across the broader Australian social context. At the epicentre of this revolution lies an intrinsic human need, a fundamental human right....the right to birth, to 'own' birth and to birth well. This need and associated rights of autonomy, dignity and self determination are [...]

About Birth co-founder Lael Stone shares her own experience of traumatic birth and recovery from postnatal PTSD.

Part 1: The Trauma By the time I was expecting my third baby I had been a doula and childbirth educator for a long time. I'd attended so many births, supported women in all types of birthing scenarios, witnessed trauma and joy, and interviewed hundreds of women about their birth experiences. Naively, I thought [...]

We can hide so much behind a smile’ A post natal depression story

By Claire Haiek | November 13, 2017 As seen on Kidspot with the permission of Gidget Foundation Australia Cathie's mental health was so dire that a psychologist suggested she get her tubes tied, but she hid it so well that even her obstetrician husband had no idea for two years. The happy looking [...]

Gidget Foundation Australia urges parents to start talking this PNDA Week, 12 – 18 November 2017

Gidget Foundation Australia urges all Australians, especially new and expectant parents, to Start Talking this November in an effort to break down the stigma surrounding perinatal depression and anxiety. This call to action coincides with Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Week (PNDA Week), 12 - 18 November, which aims to drive awareness of an illness [...]

Turns out my body could do what it was supposed to after all!

By Sarah Watson My name is Sarah Watson and my husband James and I attended your Calmbirth class on the weekend of 12-13 August in Mittagong. We travelled from Canberra after hearing great things about Calmbirth. I thought birth was something high risk that I had to ‘get through’. James was especially anxious about [...]

His strong arms holding me… I felt I am all woman ‘hear me roar’!

By Olga Campbell-Wood I have been meaning to write to you for a while to share my birth story and to thank you (and the Calmbirth program for what was a truly special experience that surpassed all my expectations and proved to me that I can be a superwoman! Hear me roar! Julian and [...]

Love & Fear – its impact on Mental Health

By Peter Jackson Founder Calmbirth Midwife & Calmbirth Educator PSH Therapist To begin this short essay on mental health I’ll start with two important questions. Can the Calmbirth prenatal education classes make a positive contribution to the mental health of pregnant couple’s as well as to the children of the next generation? And, what has [...]

Calmbirth sharing Gidget’s ‘Summer of Love’ & spreading the message of perinatal anxiety and depression

Director Calmbirth, Karen McClay with Dr Vijay Roach Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Chairman Gidget Foundation Australia, at Gidget's 'Summer of Love' Ladies' Lunch held on Friday 20th, October at the Grand ballroom, ICC Sydney.   Why Summer of Love? Gidget was the nickname of a young, vibrant and joyful Sydney mother. She had [...]

Walked out of the car & into Emergency with ‘baby’ in hand…

By Jessica Gallaty I wanted to let you know that bubs came along and to also say a BIG thank YOU. We did the Calmbirth program and felt like it really cemented a lot of information for us in regards to pregnancy, labour and birth. I loved doing this course with a midwife. My birth [...]

Calmbirth strives to be leaders in cultural change by empowering and enabling birthing couples to experience birth as a natural part of life with confidence and fearlessness. Our vision is to change the current birth culture to one that is talked about and experienced far more positively, now and for future generations.

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