What Partners Get Right – The top 8 tips for great support in labour

By Calmbirth Educator Lael Stone It’s pretty much expected these days that your partner will be there for the birth of your baby. In fact, it’s seen as ‘strange’ if your partner isn't present. As a childbirth educator and birth attendant I have been present at many births and witnessed a lot of interesting “support” [...]

Still Aware

By Meleseini Tai-Roche Having experienced the stillbirth of her first son Noah at term, Meleseini Tai-Roche is incredibly passionate about stillbirth prevention. Being a Registered Nurse and Midwife, and having worked in both Maternity Service Provision and Public and Population Health Models in Australia for several years, Mel is determined to ensure the devastating [...]

Feeling empowered despite a challenging and unpredictable birth

By Mel Page I wanted to write and say thank YOU so much. I attended your Calmbirth class in Bowral in September last year with my partner Stefan and I found it incredibly informative and very, very, useful during my labour and birth. We had a gorgeous baby girl named Agnes, born on the [...]

Warrior Woman

The following birth story is from a woman who attended my Calmbirth workshops last year. Many years earlier she had experienced a birth filled with fear, anxiety and trauma. This experience caused her to seek another way to birth, one filled with knowledge and confidence. Jodie shares her birth story here: [...]

Men at Birth: Is your man ready to support you?

By Regina Power In today’s day and age, there is the expectation that men will attend the births of their children. If we look at the origins of men at birth in Australian culture, the Aboriginal people saw birth as strictly, “women’s business,” and actually demarcated areas where women gave birth with symbols to [...]

Getting to know you…

Karen McClay is the Director of Calmbirth® PTY LTD. She is also a Southern Highlands Calmbirth Educator, practising Registered Midwife (RM), and a Registered Nurse (RN) and is the daughter of the founder of Calmbirth®, Peter Jackson. Karen is a highly experienced Calmbirth® educator having seen over 1700 couples complete the Calmbirth® program since 2009. She is taking Calmbirth to the next [...]

Birthing on country

There is a revolution gathering momentum within the birthing community and across the broader Australian social context. At the epicentre of this revolution lies an intrinsic human need, a fundamental human right....the right to birth, to 'own' birth and to birth well. This need and associated rights of autonomy, dignity and self determination are [...]

About Birth co-founder Lael Stone shares her own experience of traumatic birth and recovery from postnatal PTSD.

Part 1: The Trauma By the time I was expecting my third baby I had been a doula and childbirth educator for a long time. I'd attended so many births, supported women in all types of birthing scenarios, witnessed trauma and joy, and interviewed hundreds of women about their birth experiences. Naively, I thought [...]

Calmbirth strives to be leaders in cultural change by empowering and enabling birthing couples to experience birth as a natural part of life with confidence and fearlessness. Our vision is to change the current birth culture to one that is talked about and experienced far more positively, now and for future generations.

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