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Breech turn Calmbirth story

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My partner and I attended Calmbirth with Kath when I was 36 weeks pregnant and had just learnt our bubs was breech. We were still hopeful for a natural birth for our first child and were very keen to learn more about the stages of labour and natural coping techniques. We had all of our fingers and toes crossed for bubs to turn but this workshop was really helpful in providing information on how to make informed decisions leading up to and during birth including making flexible birth plans.


We were lucky to have a successful ECV at 38 wks which lead to the positive physiological birth that I’d hoped for.

I must say the Calm breathing techniques and visualisations we learnt in the course were not only helpful during labour, but also in the lead up when we thought our birth plans might change – they helped us stay calm, centred and I am still convinced the visualisation techniques aided in the success of our ECV!

I don’t think our birth experience would have been the same if it weren’t for a lot of the knowledge Kath shared during this course.

This Calmbirth class totally reframed my expectations of birth sensations – the natural pain management techniques shared were awesome! I went into the class hoping for an unmedicated birth but expected to need to ask for gas or some form of pain relief during labour. To my surprise just in using the Calm breathing techniques, visualisations and birth comb, I didn’t even think to ask for anything (even after a long 30hr labour. It’s crazy how time flies during labour – It didn’t feel this long in the moment.)

I had attended a birth class before this but the Calmbirth workshop was brilliant in providing hands on practice of birthing positions, calming techniques and tips on partner support which were really useful.

This class helped me feel prepared for what to expect of a hospital birth and how to advocate for the birth experience I wanted.

Thank you so much Kath for all of the valuable knowledge you shared with us during this class and also for welcoming us into your space and making it such an enjoyable weekend!

I left feeling very empowered and ready for birth!

Thanks again! Daniella, Kerry and Liam

www.innerbirth.com.au for Calmbirth with Kath Maxwell in Bellarine, Geelong.

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