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Caesarean Birth Recovery

Birth Preparation

There are three ways a caesarean birth can come about: planned, unplanned or emergency.

Ultimately all caesarean births are a birth, your birth.

All caesarean births are major abdominal surgery and involve the separation of important core muscles. As a result it is crucial that mummas take their time to recover after their birth.

A few things to consider in those first few weeks after your caesarean birth:

  • Start slow and don’t over do it. It takes time to mend and heal after 9 months of pregnancy and then birth, let alone the important work your body is doing after the birth. Go easy with movement, take care lifting (avoiding lifting heavier than baby is recommended).
  • Take pain relief!! Especially in the days following your birth. Don’t grit and bare or try to rebound for the sake of people around you. Again- give yourself time.
  • Your body still needs lots of nutrients to heal. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fibre to keep your bowels moving. Especially important when taking analgesia/pain relief.
  • Get practical help after your birth. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what it is you need.

An unplanned caesarean birth can sometimes be a shock. It is really normal to have mixed feeling around the birth. It is especially important to understand that you don’t need to feel guilty for perhaps being sad or disappointed. It doesn’t take away from your love for your baby. It can be beneficial to debrief or talk through these feelings with someone you trust.

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