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Hear from Calmbirth couples on how the Calmbirth program helped them with pregnancy, labour and birth 

Deciding how best to prepare for pregnancy, labour and birth can be difficult with so much information available and often very different opinions. Did you know that the Calmbirth program has seen approximately 30,000 couples attend a Calmbirth course since its inception? The Calmbirth program is evidence-based and is founded on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics, so you can TRUST what you learn is accurate, unbiased, taught by birth professionals and will provide you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to birth your baby in any given birth scenario  There are also research studies which have examined the positive birth outcomes of the Calmbirth program. 

Word of mouth is so powerful.

Hearing from other couples who have experienced birth and how the Calmbirth program helped them prepare for birth emotionally and physically is also fundamental when choosing an antenatal program.  Below are the reviews, testimonials and experiences from some of our recent Calmbirth couples, now parents with wonderful and positive memories of their children’s births. You can also read some more in-depth birth stories in our blog.

As a midwife myself, I have a good understanding of the labour and birth process but was keen to find a course that would help my partner Sam, who speaks English as his second language, and mother Maureen, have a better understanding of how they could support me during my labour.

Before the class, Sam was apprehensive about the birth and how involved he wanted to be (in his culture birth was seen as a women’s business). During the class, he asked plenty of questions which were all well answered by Kath. She was engaging and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. All 3 of us came away well informed, and I felt confident that both mum and Sam were going to be incredibly supportive to me in labour, calm, focussed, and well prepared for the experience.

The Calmbirth breathing, relaxation practices, visualisations, affirmations, massage and acupressure points were all very useful during my birth.. even as a Midwife, I learnt a lot from Kath that I will take away and use in my own professional development.

I highly recommend Kath and the Calmbirth philosophy.

First-time parents, or couples looking for a different experience following a previous traumatic or challenging birth, would find the classes particularly informative.

I found the whole experience of my labour and delivery to be utterly incredible and amazing! The techniques and understanding of the physiology of my body that I learnt at Calmbirth really helped me through the 22 hours of labour, as well as Stefan who was amazing, very supportive and a huge legend!

I attended your Calmbirth class in Bowral in September last year with my partner Stefan and I found it incredibly informative and very, very, useful during my labour and birth. We had a gorgeous baby girl named Agnes, born on the 10th of October, delivered naturally and completely drug free (apart from two panadols that I had about half way through my labour!).

About 45 minutes after the birth everything went a little awry, my placenta was stuck and I ended up having to have emergency surgery to remove it, and lost about 2.8 litres of blood. This is partly the reason why I am writing this, as the other very helpful thing I took away from Calmbirth was the idea that every birth is unpredictable and different. During the epic recovery from the blood loss, I found this thought incredibly useful!

We attended your weekend Calmbirth course in Bowral in September last year and I am writing today to say THANK YOU. On the 4th of December we welcomed our first daughter into the world at Bowral Hospital. Georgia arrived after a 35 hour labour, and if we had not done Calmbirth, I don’t know if we could have gotten through the experience. I would also like to personally thank YOU as your weekend reminded me that ‘Birth is a natural process’ and that Ellie already has all the tools to give birth. As a vet, I was only involved in the births of animals that needed my help and my medical mind always went to the worst case scenario. I couldn’t recommend the weekend highly enough!! 

Lloyd & Ellie

I am all for Calmbirth in that it educates and is open to all whatever their birth may be. It doesn’t push and promote that a natural vaginal birth is the only ultimate birth you can have and that any other birth is failure. I am conscious of not wanting others to feel that a birth other than a natural, vaginal birth is failure. I appreciated that it encourages natural as much as possible but that anything can happen and prepares you for this.

It was due to Calmbirth breathing techniques that helped me immensely in the many stages of labour and birth and then in theatre afterwards. My husband had a role in helping me to breathe by saying one, two, three etc and I could focus on what he was telling me. Helped me to have a point of focus. He helped calm my fears and focus when he could see I was getting out of control in my mind. He would bring me back to breathing deeply. I also did this when in theatre as I was shaking uncontrollable and the breathing techniques helped to calm/centre me. Even since having the boys and epic tantrums are going on I think back to breathing techniques and am teaching my son these and helping to calm him down when he feels out of control with his emotions.

I appreciated the varied stories within the Calmbirth course and that what is learnt is applicable to all labours/births.

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