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When I received this beautiful birth story and testimony last night I almost raced through reading it, like when you are reading a great book and you just can’t wait to get to the next sentence. I slowed down and found myself so caught up in Archer’s amazing earth side arrival. I feel so lucky that I got to bring Calmbirth to you guys and I’ll always remember your love, excitement as parents to be and smiling faces while I was teaching. Your presence was so felt! Thankyou beautiful Teegs and Timmy 

On the 18th December I was enjoying the last few days of me time in the sunshine, going for walks, swims and coffee dates. I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I had been having some niggles over the past few weeks and my midwife had said to embrace these little feelings and go for a nice long walk when they came on next. So that afternoon when I started to feel some mild period pain I set out for a walk along the beach in front of our house. It was such a beautiful sunny day so I put my bikini on and listened to my pump up playlist I had put together for labour. Jen had said it was really important to keep the positive relaxed vibes going at this point to keep the labour progressing. I was so unbelievably excited at this point as I knew we were going to meet our little baby so soon, I even took a few photos because I wanted to remember this moment before I became a mum.

After my walk I watched some Christmas movies because it was the week before Christmas haha and sat on my gym ball whilst the contractions continued. When Tim came home from work the contractions were coming more regularly and we just continued our night but made sure my bag was all packed and ready. Later that evening I had a feeling my waters had broken slightly so we called the hospital and they said to come in. When we arrived they confirmed it was amniotic fluid and they suggested we go home and rest as we may still be a while off. I agreed as I knew labour would progress much quicker if I was at home.

When we returned I lay down to rest whilst Timmy ran around getting the essential oils and candles going. Within about a minute of lying on the bed I felt a pop and a gush of water and knew we were on. Poor Tim didn’t get a chance to get anything set up haha but he coaxed me into the bath to help me relax as I had felt things ramp up quite quickly. We were in the bath for about 30 mins and then I knew we needed to get back to the hospital as I felt more pressure and could no longer talk through my contractions. Our midwife was surprised to see us back so soon but she soon examined me and discovered I was 8cms. I was so excited I had made it that far without pain relief just using the calm birth techniques I had learnt.

At this point I opted for an epidural to help me through the last stage. Which gave me 2 hours of rest before my midwife checked me and I was 10cm dilated and I was ready to push. The room was so calm and peaceful and then I heard our little baby’s cry and I reached down and touched his head and before I knew it he was on my chest and Timmy told me we had a little boy.

I couldn’t look back at the whole experience with a more positive reflection it’s the most powerful and the most vulnerable I have ever felt all wrapped up in one. I think Tim quoted me walking back from the shops a few days later and I said I just want to do it all again – I want 5 babies haha.

We can not thank Jen enough for her guidance and endless support. You are like a birthing fairy godmother. The magic of birth is something I will truly never forget and I feel so blessed to have been so prepared for it through all of your teachings. I feel like birth is just the beginning because motherhood is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

@ Bowral, New South Wales




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