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A beautiful birth story that’s speaks to an induction of labour where the birthing couple felt positive, empowered, supported and very much respected throughout the decision making process. Another thing, this gorgeous account is told by one very special Mama, Nadia, who is also one of my best friends in the whole wide world. To bring the Calmbirth program to Nardz and Sammy in a room full of other excited parents will always be one of those pinch me moments. Exquisite baby Bo landed the jackpot with these two for parents let me tell you! Enough gushing from me! Let’s hear from Nardz….


Baby Pistachio’s arrival was somewhat unorthodox and definitely not what we had envisaged but was equally beautiful, empowering and of course totally exhausting!!

At about 35 weeks I had some bleeding that was occurring daily for about two weeks which obviously raised some questions and resulted in daily visits to the hospital – they didn’t think it was the placenta but they also couldn’t be sure, nor could they pinpoint exactly what the cause of this was.

On the morning of 16 September at 37 weeks I had a consult with the head of obstetrics at NBH regarding my options – they asked me what my preference was, listened and acknowledged the importance of this; and very delicately gave us their medical opinion without feeling forced down any particular road.

In short, they suggested I get induced that afternoon. I took their medical advice and personally didn’t want to risk anything at such a late stage in the pregnancy. It was at the Calmbirth course that I learnt that I needed to be my own advocate so if anything didn’t feel right to speak up.


My husband and I then came back home, and packed my hospital bag; we went out for one last lunch just the two of us! We had these crazy butterflies of excitement and realisation that by the next day we would have our little pistachio in our arms!

I was induced by tape at around 5pm along with a stretch and sweep (well I think that’s what she did), and approximately 1.5hrs later my waters broke — and by broke I mean gushing… all night long! Like the movies! Did you know the amniotic fluid keeps replenishing. Amazing huh! At the time I was so worried baby Pistachio was swimming around in a dry dam!


At approx 7am on 17 September, they started the syntocin and at approximately 10am I started feeling the contractions, and immediately started using the breathing techniques!

Throughout the labour, they were concerned about Pistachio being in distress as the heart rate was dropping— they explained if it worsened they may need to do a c-section but also said I should lay on my left side first to see if it helps — while it was less comfortable for me, baby P seemed to like that position… so I just had to breathe through it!

As contractions intensified, I used gas (and then asked for an epidural in the moment) but my support team and the nurses knew that it wasn’t in my initial plan — this is where my wonderful support team really helped! My husband and my mum were integral — one with a cold washer, one massaging my back. Sam reminding me just to breathe through it and just how close I was. Mum using sporting analogies/past experiences to keep me focused (it worked a treat!).

And finally that feeling to bare down… and oh my isn’t that just a natural beast inside of you! Screaming my lungs out and working harder than I have EVER worked, both physically and emotionally.

After about an hour they were again worried about pistachio’s heart rate and they explained that if I didn’t push him out soon they would have to use intervention (suction or forceps) — my two midwives, and head of obstetrics all in the room literally cheering me on to push baby Pistachio out so I didn’t need intervention!

And at 1.52pm that afternoon, our sweet baby boy, BOWIE arrived! 

I can’t thank Jen enough – with all of the worse case scenarios that played out during labour and birth, I didn’t feel stressed in the moment — I felt fully focused on the job at hand! That empowerment and strength came from the techniques learned at Calmbirth.







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