Calmbirth®Franchises are available in Australia and Internationally

Calmbirth® Franchise

Registered Calmbirth® educators who have completed the required training are licensed to operate a private practice conducting Calmbirth® childbirth education classes. The cost of the training is kept as low as possible to enable those who are passionate to join us in our endeavour to bring Calmbirth to as many couples across Australia and abroad as possible.

The aim of Calmbirth® Pty Ltd is to provide:

  • Support
  • On going education
  • Up to date information on the latest evidence, research and information
  • Networking opportunities

Calmbirth® Educators Business Model

Australian law identifies trademarked businesses with prescribed programs as franchises. The protection built around the Calmbirth® childbirth education program means the registered Calmbirth® educator’s business is part of a franchise.

Calmbirth® is part of a franchise because the program is:

1. trademarked
2. a prescribed program, whereby a logo and branding guidelines are supplied to each educator to be used for the facilitation and marketing of their Calmbirth® classes.

Calmbirth® is considered to be a franchise which is regulated by the Trade Practices Franchise Code Of Conduct. Unlike McDonald’s, or most other businesses of this nature, Calmbirth educators do not pay a large amount of money for their franchise.

Calmbirth® educators only pay for their training. In 2017 -$3600 and a small yearly registration fee of $390. To keep registration current, a yearly franchise agreement is signed by those wishing to renew their registration. A copy of the previous year’s franchise agreements is included in the Module 1 material.

The franchise agreement essentially ensures protection for you once you become a registered Calmbirth® educator. It also protects the Calmbirth® program and its business in general by providing a framework for delivery of service, consistency in the program, protection of intellectual property and ensuring quality control, which other similar and cheaper childbirth education programs do not.

All registered Calmbirth® educators are franchisees. If they are registered midwives, most work either full time or part time as mid wives and run Calmbirth® classes either in the evenings or over weekends. Some educators, over a period of time have built their Calmbirth® business to a point where they now run Calmbirth® classes as their sole business. Some of the childbirth educators run Calmbirth classes as well as facilitating parenting courses etc. Doulas also facilitate classes as well as assist mothers in their role as doulas.