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Birth Preparation

Here are some of Calmbirth’s most frequently asked questions we get from pregnant couples. 


When should I attend a Calmbirth course?

The best time to attend a Calmbirth course is between 24 & 34 weeks’ gestation. Classes do book quickly, so to avoid missing out make sure you book at least 2-3 months in advance.

Can I do Calmbirth as an antenatal course at a Hospital that I am not birthing at?

Calmbirth is now available to do as an antenatal course at 8 major maternity hospitals in NSW both Public & Private. These hospitals include:

The Mater, North Sydney
The North Shore Private Hospital, North Shore
The Royal Hosptial for Women, Randwick
The Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga
The John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle
The Nepean Hospital, Penrith
The Northern Beaches Hospital, Frenchs Forest
Sutherland Hospital, Sutherland

You don’t have to be birthing at any of these hospitals to do the Calmbirth program there. To BOOK a Calmbirth course at a hospital near you, go to: https://calmbirth.com.au/calmbirth-classes/

Can I do Calmbirth anywhere in Australia? YES

Calmbirth has over 100 qualified Calmbirth Educators ALL over Australia, New Zealand & France. To find your nearest Calmbirth Educator go to: https://calmbirth.com.au/calmbirth-classes/

Is Calmbirth only for first time parents? No

Calmbirth is suitable for first time, subsequent births & VBAC births. Calmbirth is an inclusive organisation that embraces cultural diversity and accepts ALL pregnant couples regardless of gender and sexuality.

Calmbirth acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and teach our Calmbirth program, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

What if I have done the Calmbirth program before and it’s been a few years between having my next baby. Do I have to do the entire Calmbirth Program all over again? No

Calmbirth offers a one -day Calmbirth Refresher course at the Royal Hospital for Women and some of our Calmbirth Educators conduct these refresher courses regularly. To find a Calmbirth Refresher course to refresh your knowledge, refresh your skills and refresh your confidence, go to: https://calmbirth.com.au/calmbirth-classes/

What if I’m having a C Section. Can I still do the Calmbirth course? Yes

For those that find out they are having a C- Section, you can still do the Calmbirth course as the skills we teach are practical and can be used when having your C section operation, in everyday life and for parenting. But we also do have and offer the Calmbirth C – Section course. If you are interested in the Calmbirth C -Section course then call Calmbirth Head Office on (02) 4871 1806 to find out more.

How long is the Course & how much does it cost?

The course is a two day course mostly conducted over a weekend, or consecutive Sundays in the hospitals, or you can do the Calmbirth course during the week over 4 weekdays. You also have the option of doing Calmbirth as a private class if you so desire. The Calmbirth course is $550. For other prices that include, private classes, refresher classes & C- Section classes call the Calmbirth Head Office on (02) 4871 1806.

Can I access Calmbirth online?

Calmbirth is a face to face program because we are all about creating and nurturing the connection with your baby, partner, caregiver and educator. Calmbirth is an evidence based childbirth education program that is practical and teaches you & your partner about the mind – body – birth-connection. We are about building confidence, building a rapport & trust and providing you with all the information, skills and tools oyu need to ahve the berst birth experience whilst also providing you with information on all your birth rights and choices. If you cannot access a face to face course and or are living in a regional area, we do offer Calmbirth via ZOOM. To find your nearesst Calmbirth ZOOM course. Contact Calmbirth Headoffice on (02) 4871 1806

And now for the one million dollar question…How is Calmbirth different to other childbirth education programs that are on the market? Well, I guess you will have to experience why there’s no birth like a Calmbirth for yourselves. But what I can tell you is….

Calmbirth is Australia’s most highly acclaimed & trusted childbirth education program. Offering quality & evidence based childbirth education taught by midwives, doulas & birth professionals.

Calmbirth is Australia’s fastest growing childbirth education program with over 100 Calmbirth Educator’s across Australia, New Zealand and France and is now being taught as an antenatal course in 8 major maternity hospitals in NSW and is also being piloted in Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand.

Calmbirth has taught over 35,000 couples and is the most recommended program by midwives, obstetricians and doctors.

“A woman will birth best when she feels SAFE, UNDISTURBED and RESPECTED. Calmbirth’s goal is to educate and improve the birthing outcomes for all women and their families, not just physically, but emotionally as well.”

“Calmbirth strives to be leaders in cultural change by empowering and enabling birthing couples to experience birth as a natural part of life with confidence and fearlessness. Our vision is to change our current birth culture to one that is talked about and experienced far more positively, now and for future generations.” – Director & Owner, Karen McClay.

If you have any further questions that have not been answered please email us, or ring us or go to our Calmbirth website for more information https://calmbirth.com.au


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