Calmbirth® Refresher Class

The one day Calmbirth® refresher class is intended for couples who have previously attended a full weekend of a Calmbirth® class. The one-day refresher class is available to couples who are expecting their 2nd, 3rd or subsequent babies. The Refresher class is appropriately arranged, so as to give pregnant couples, once again, the opportunity to review and fine tune the beliefs, knowledge and skills underpinning the Calmbirth® philosophy of childbirth education.

Please note: that these refresher classes will ONLY proceed if two or more couples are booked in. We will notify you if the class will not be proceeding. 

It is important for parents expecting their second child, to realise that each labour and each birth is different, even for the same mother. Furthermore, each infant is born with a distinct temperament that may require specific parenting techniques for nurturing after they’re born. Yes, each baby is definitely a unique individual and therefore, it is usually prudent and practical for the couple to prepare emotionally and psychologically for the birth of each new member of their family.

For many couples who are preparing for the birth of their second child one could describe the following scenario, this simple scenario has been constructed based on many conversations Calmbirth® Educator’s have had with mothers over many years, it goes like this:

“Baby number one is now running around as a toddler, and both parents are back working. There does not seem to be sufficient time in each day to meet all the demands made on them both. Couples often experience difficulties in co-ordinating some quality time together, so as they can both specifically focus on preparing for the birth of their second child.”

The ideal time to attend a Calmbirth class is between 24 and 34 weeks gestation.

This, however, is not a strict guideline; if you are feeling particularly anxious, we suggest coming earlier on, and if you have left it a little late to book, you are still welcome to attend after 34 weeks. We feel that the ideal time frame of 24 to 34 weeks gives couples enough time to reflect on and practice what you will learn in the Calmbirth class, using the tools and techniques to help you prepare for your birth.

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Calmbirth Refresher Class Dates 2019:

Southern Highlands Calmbirth:

  • 11th January 2019
  • 8th March
  • 10th May
  • 12th July
  • 13th September
  • 8th November

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Then, why not attend a Calmbirth® refresher class?

What you will gain from doing a Calmbirth®refresher class:
This refresher class provides an excellent opportunity for expectant couples to step out of their busy life’s routines for a day, setting aside some quality time together to specifically focus on each other and on their baby who is expected to arrive soon.  The Calmbirth® refresher class offers a peaceful day of relaxation, inspiration and revision of the Calmbirth® prenatal education course principles.

This one day course is sufficient to evoke once again the knowledge previously learned, and can also be instrumental in reinforcing the couple’s commitment to use that knowledge again and again, as well as to practice the skills they originally learnt as part of their ongoing preparation for the birth of baby number two.

Outline of the topics covered in the Calmbirth® Refresher class: 

Welcome and Greet the Calmbirth Refresher couples.

Couples will share their previous birth experience or challenges.

The course outline will then be based upon the discussion of topics and specific needs raised by the couples attending the refresher class.

Followed by a revision of the Calmbirth principles where we will review and reinforce the main topics:

The Psychology of birth – the mind – body connection
The Physiology of birth
The connection to birth, body, baby and each other – becoming a family unit
Conscious parenting

And of course, during the day there is the opportunity for questions and discussions on any aspect of the topics covered, or any other questions couples may want to discuss.