Calmbirth® Educator Training

Calmbirth®Educator training occurs annually in a different state within Australia.
Educators are expected to achieve a high standard of excellence during their training and to maintain their quality of practice thereafter. Support is given for setting up your Calmbirth® business, with ongoing guidance for program delivery, marketing, education and networking when necessary and during our annual Calmbirth® Conference

Module 1: $600 Pre reading Module

This module focuses on independent learning prior to undertaking the next stage. Learning is supported by a module booklet and list of readings.

Module 2: $2,000 Intensive 5 day face to face workshop with the Director of Calmbirth®, Karen McClay

Sydney 2017 – 4th to 8th September 2017 at the Eventhouse Cronulla, Sydney. 

Perth 2017 – Currently taking Expressions of Interest – 18th to 22nd September

This Module focuses on teaching and experiential learning in a variety of ways including:

  • Face to face lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Ongoing support
  • Discussions
  • Practical experience

The module 2 component of the program varies each year, dates and details will be updated. This Module provides participants the opportunity to network with each other and foster their passion for childbirth.

Module 3: $1,000 Independent learning and assessment

Early Bird Special if paid in full by 30 June, 2017 – $3,400

Module 3 focuses on the consolidation of learning and individual practice.

The Module 3 Process involves:

Assessment Date Due
An online quiz Friday 2nd Oct, 2017
Completed lesson plans Friday 9th Oct, 2017
Practical classes with volunteer pregnant couples Friday 29th Jan, 2018
Evaluations and class reflections Friday 29th Jan, 2018
Preparation and submission of a business plan Friday 19th Feb, 2018
Registration to become a Calmbirth Educator Saturday 31st March, 2018

Subjects covered in the training will include:

  • Understanding the psychology of birth- the mind- body connection
  • The physiology of birth
  • Tools, techniques and practical skills
  • The role of the support partner
  • Preparation for all birth journeys – working with intervention.
  • Conscious parenting
Training takes place over 5 months and consists of three Modules.
For midwives, 92 MidPLUS points have been allocated for the 3 modules of the training.

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