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CRISIS in confidence

Birth Preparation

Best explained by Rhea Dempsey as “not a medical crisis but rather an emotional and physical pain barrier crisis.”

Best recognised as the, “I can’t do this”. :Get me an epidural”, “get this baby out of me” moments…

Typically a crisis of confidence is thought to happen during transition (around 8-10cm). However, we can now associate this crisis of confidence with the sudden spike in adrenaline. During which helpful hormones like oxytocin, and endorphins have not quite caught up to help mamas naturally reduce stress levels and provide natural pain relief.

So yes, some women do experience a crisis at 8-10cm. BUT some experience this during their transition from early to active labour, or some right as their babies head is crowning.

We are all different but also, similar in the way that we all have the tools and power within to move through this discomfort and to manage our crisis of confidence.

So what can you do to move past this point? (because we know it is just a point on your journey).

  • Find your safe, calm, private
  • Support your body to move naturally into comfortable positions
  • Return focus to your breath
  • Lean on your support people for encouragement, massage, distraction.
  • Try something new: my favorite go-to is if you’re not in water, then get in it!!!
  • Trust your body.

It is these moments that you are prepared for.

You are strong and you are ready.

Photo by @cradledcreations – Showing how powerful you all can be.

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