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Dads…Are a wonderful support!


Calmbirth receives lots of wonderful letters and testimonials every year. This is a beautiful email sent to one of our Calmbirth Educators in Canberra, Tracey Askew Anderson, from a very grateful and supportive dad.

The thing I love the most about teaching this program is how it involves partners in more than just a tokenistic way. Out of all the wonderful feedback I get after people have had their babies, the most consistent, is how amazing their partners were. Thank you partners for your continued support for this work, I’m so grateful.

Dear Tracey,

I can’t thank you enough for your passion and commitment to Calmbirth. The experience was very special for Cassie and I in many ways. 

We have always been interested in the mind-body connection and calming ourselves to better our lives but your Calmbirth program reinforced and increased that interest tenfold. 

Over those two days you armed us. We walked in doubtful and almost victimized and left armed and empowered. Instead of feeling uneasy about the birth we are welcoming it as our chance to perform. Just like a well trained athlete. 

We both love that you absolutely love what you do. It showed in every way and was contagious to the group. 

Thank you so much for making us family. We hope we can continue to connect in other ways in the future through your breathing courses or other things you might offer. 

All the best,

Brian Grening



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