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Helping you along your journey to becoming a dad

Becoming a dad for the first time and preparing for fatherhood can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. However, it can also be the most transformative, proud and joyful moment in a man’s life as he first lays eyes upon and bonds skin -to-skin with his newly born baby. His first touch, kiss and cuddle will be a memory he will cherish for life.

His role as a father, his unique qualities he possesses, his love, support and nurture in the process of pregnancy, labour and birth can never be underestimated. The more engaged and emotionally connected he is to his partner, her baby bump and his baby, the stronger the foundation will be for the family he will create and nurture.

In this section for dads, Calmbirth® will explore what matters to men? How they are feeling? What they are thinking about? What their fears may be? What becoming a dad means to them? What issues they struggle with and what support men need to help other men (and their partners) be more prepared and knowledgeable about the process of birth, and the vital role they play in this life transforming journey that sees them develop from man to becoming a father.

Stay Connected Through Other’s Experiences

This blog contains articles handpicked for Dads

Dad Tip: Talk to Other Dads! They are some of your greatest teachers and can give you the score on the reality vs. what you’re imagining in your head things are going to be like. You may be running worst case scenarios that are way off base. You might be thinking that what you’re concerned about is just a problem for you, when in fact; you’ll most likely discover that a lot of dads had the same worries as you do. Most dads love being asked questions and are happy to help. It gives us a sense of being valued and helping another ‘brother’ out.