Story by Georgia 

Prior to attending Rosie’s Calmbirth course I was very anxious about labour and giving birth. I had somewhat convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to cope during labour and that I wanted to have an elective cesarean.

However, one of my friends who is a midwife suggested we should do Rosie’s Calmbirth course to try and ease my anxiety about giving birth. Both my husband and I enjoyed the relaxed nature of Rosie’s class and the opportunity to ask questions at any point. Rosie’s passion for all things Calmbirth was inspiring and infectious!

The course went into great detail about the how’s and why’s of labour which reassured a lot of the fear I had surrounding labour. With this further knowledge I felt confident that I had the skills both mentally and physically to give birth.

The course also encouraged Richard and I to discuss our birth preferences and made Richard feel included, that he too had an important role to play in the birth of our baby.

The Calmbirth strategies allowed me to labour at home for quite a while as I felt confident and in control of what was happening. At the hospital when things deviated from our birth plan due to the position our baby was in, I felt calm and empowered that in that moment I was a able to make the best decision to help bring our baby earthside. Soon after our little girl Maisie Rose was born and our hearts were full.

I also found the Calmbirth strategies very helpful in the first few weeks adjusting to newborn life and being responsible for a little human!

Maisie is a very relaxed and happy baby and I honestly believe that her calm and harmonious entry into this world has given her the perfect platform to grow from!

The first photo is taken by the very talented @janiemartinphotography – make sure you check out her work, she is a photographer extraordinaire!





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