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Did you know studies suggest that eating 60-80g of fresh medjool dates (equivalent to around 5-6 dates) every day from 36-37 weeks can lead to:


  • A shorter length of labour (particularly early phase) by helping the cervix to ripen
  • Reduce the need for induction or augmentation in labour
  • and possibly reduce postpartum blood loss

They’re a powerhouse fruit packed with nutrients and minerals! Benefits for pregnancy, include: 

Natural sugar: fantastic for a quick burst of energy with low/medium GI for sustained energy. (I would recommend Mums with Gestational Diabetes to consult with their dietitian first of course)

Protein: which consist of amino acids. These little guys are like building blocks for the body. Ideal with all the pregnancy changes to accomodate a growing little life/lives inside 

Fibre: fab way to avoid pregnancy constipation (yessss, high five!)

Folate: we all know how important folate/folic acid is to prevent neural tube defects such as Spina bifida so this is a nice natural source of this special B vitamin

Vitamin K: babies are born with low levels of vitamin k which is essential for blood clotting. This is a nice way for babes to get some benefit through Mum whilst in the womb

Iron: helps oxygen to reach cells around the body! Vital! 

Potassium: helps with blood pressure and works with sodium to maintain proper fluid balance in the cells. Very important as our blood volume expands up to 45% in pregnancy so more electrolytes are required

Magnesium: has a number of important roles including healthy teeth and bone formation along with calcium (as babies pinch everything they need from Mum so her Magnesium demands increase in pregnancy). Also for energy metabolism, nerve conduction, muscle activity (who knows what leg cramps feel like? 

So who is in the medjool date train with me? There are so many ways of enjoying them too – in smoothies, muffins, stuffed with cheese and nuts! How do you like to eat them?

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