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Plan your birth like you would plan for your wedding day!


WHY IS IT that when we get engaged, more often than not, we end up investing SO much financially, emotionally and psychologically in this one day! In the hope that EVERYTHING goes the way we want… that everything ‘goes to plan’ – everything from the weather, to the venue, to Aunty Jean behaving (and who the hell are we going to sit at the same table as Uncle Scott… God I hope he doesn’t get too drunk and embarrass us)… you feel me? 


We pay more than we should for everything from what wear, down to the flowers, because after all –  it’s our big day – a once in a lifetime and it’s not like we get a do-over!?

And then we get pregnant and float toward labour and birth with a ‘wait and see’ approach and thinking that “well everyone does it, so it’ll be fine… right?”

Why is it that ‘magnificence‘ is what we expect and see ourselves as deserving when it comes to our wedding day, but ‘fine’ or ‘surviving’ our birth is seen as acceptable 

The thing about weddings is you CAN have a do-over!!? No, I’m not suggesting a trade in LOL. I mean, if the weather is terrible, the venue is shitty or your family are a bunch of A-holes, then you CAN renew your vows on your terms and under better conditions at any time the two of you decide.

However, what you CAN’T do is re-do your birth. If you get down the track, realise you were not empowered or supported and that your birth might’ve been ‘fine’ but fine is not acceptable in a day and age where knowledge is power and birth can be freaking amazing!!

The day of your child’s birth is a major life event for you, your partner AND your baby and not only deserves recognition as such, but is totally worth investing in because you ALL deserve an incredible and beautifully empowering experience.

Too often we see the ignorance is bliss/ wait and see what happens approach result in unnecessary intervention, birth trauma and even PTSD!? BIRTH DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!! It can and should be one of the most amazing days of your life and whether or not you both choose to have more children should be based on your desire to, or whether you feel complete, NOT based on previous birth trauma that left you so damaged either physically, emotionally and /or psychologically that you don’t want to re-experience any version of what you know birth to be 💔 

So, PLEASE invest in yourself and your birth!!… the three of you will reap the rewards across the lifespan.

Photo credit and thanks to the amazingly talented @nathan.lapham 



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