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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Jessica Cuneo - Maternity leave

Jessica Cuneo - Maternity leave

Registered Midwife l Registered Nurse l Acuneedling Midwife l Calmbirth Educator


Camden & Campbelltown
NSW 2570

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Hi there!

So lovely to see you’ve landed here. Before you read any further, please know that I am currently on Maternity leave with my third little babe until minimum June 2024.

My name is Jess – a paediatric nurse, midwife, Calmbirth Educator and a Mother to two beautiful children. I am deeply passionate about transforming couples experiences of birth BEFORE their birthing day.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I landed here as a Calmbirth educator, so you can see why my heart explodes when I get the opportunity to work with couples on their birth journey, and why my heart explodes a little more when I hear a couples birthing story after attending Calmbirth.

Working in a busy tertiary hospital in all areas of maternity after completing my midwifery training, I found myself struggling to encourage and empower women who feared labour and birth, to trust in their body’s ability to birth their baby. No matter how much I knew the strength of women and their bodies, I started to realise that this trust needed to come from within.

“I have always had a passion for women and birth, and strongly believe that pregnancy and birth are pivotal moments within a women’s life. A woman’s experiences of birth, how she felt and how she was supported affect many areas of life and motherhood. I feel this applies to partners too”

My own experience of pregnancy with my son led me to further my own knowledge of birth. I wanted to achieve my own, calm and empowering birth. I had seen women birth using the Calmbirth techniques and knew there was a immense difference in the way they AND their partners viewed, trusted and worked with birth.  My husband and I attended the Calmbirth program, and loved that Calmbirth was evidence based and practical.

“Calmbirth is the information so many couples are missing to quell the cultural fear and anxiety of birth! I believe when couples understand the physiology and psychology of birth, fear is eliminated and confidence flows”

After my labour and incredible birth of James, I vowed that I would become a Calmbirth Educator. The trust from women of their body, labour and birth needed to happen in pregnancy. The fear of labour and birth needed to be met in pregnancy. The inspiration and empowerment of labour and birth – needed to happen in pregnancy.

“Teaching Calmbirth comes from my heart and from my womb. Every single woman deserves to feel supported, to feel loved and to feel knowledgeable on birth. I truly believe with the right information and mindset, all couples can experience an empowering labour and birth.”

Since my birth of James, I have birthed my daughter Hannah – another incredible journey. Two very different births but with one thing in common. Trust.

I love that I get to be apart of such a vital shift in the culture of birth through teaching Calmbirth. I want all women, and couples to experience a uniquely empowering birth.

I think we all just have to get out of our heads for a minute and ask ourselves, “How did we get here?” and go back to honoring this physiology that has so exquisitely evolved over time – Melissa Cheyney


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