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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals


I am a Clinical Midwifery Specialist with over 10 years experience throughout all areas of maternity, with a focus and passion for Antenatal Education and Birth.

I have 3 beautiful children and can honestly say, just as their personalities are completely different so was each pregnancy, labour and birth. Birth is a unique and transformational phenomenon yet as a society I feel that we have lost true understanding and appreciation for the process.

My role is to support mothers and families to reduce fear and anxiety around birth. By empowering women to use there innate inner resources and gain knowledge around the physiology of labour and birth we can reduce unnecessary medical interventions and improve outcomes for families.

My goal is to break down the barriers for what is ‘normal’ as each birth regardless of outcome should be celebrated as the right of passage that it is. I wish I had access to Calmbirth when I was pregnant with my children and feel blessed to have the opportunity to share Calmbirth with couples at Sutherland Hospital.

I promote an all inclusive, fun and interactive learning experience and look forward to teaching Calmbirth at Sutherland Hospital in 2019.

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