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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Kate Corbett

Kate Corbett

Calmbirth Educator, Midwife, Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Platinum Chiropractic 4 Ilya Avenue, Erina NSW 2250, Australia
NSW 2250

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6/10/21 Classes will remain online via Zoom until the end of the year. A decision will be made in early January about when face to face classes return. Please note I will be on leave in January.

1/9/21 I recognise that this is a challenging time for many families. To assist couples financially my group courses have been discounted to $450 and private classes to $650. If you require a payment plan please contact me at [email protected] to discuss your circumstances. 

1/8/21. Classes have returned to Zoom for the time being due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. If you would like to book a course but you are unable to attend a listed course please email me at [email protected] Sessions can be scheduled as four 3 hour sessions on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday evening or on the weekend.  


I am a midwife and mother of three young children. My passion lies in assisting birthing couples in discovering and developing their inner strengths for pregnancy, birth and beyond so that they may approach their baby’s birth feeling calm, confident and empowered. The classes emphasise the amazing natural ability a woman has to birth her baby and provides practical skills for women and their support partners to alleviate fear and tension.

Not only have I observed the benefits of preparing with Calmbirth as a midwife, but I have also personally experienced how effective the program is having attended Calmbirth in preparation for the birth of my children.

It would be a privilege to share this very special time of preparation for birth and parenthood with you. I offer group Calmbirth classes over 2 Sundays or as four weekly sessions on Saturday afternoons on the Central Coast of NSW.


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