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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Lanziz, Dr Homar

Lanziz, Dr Homar

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

9 Scott Street
QLD 4350

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Early in my obstetrics training, in Canberra, I witnessed an amazing birth.  A woman who had attended Calmbirth was amazingly calm and connected throughout the whole process of labour and delivery.  After my shift, I told my wife about it and we both thought it would be great to attend a Calmbirth course for our own babies, and we did. 

I attended Calmbirth classes myself as a first-time father. I fell in love with the program and promised myself that one day I would incorporate Calmbirth into my obstetric practice.  The course helps women mobilise resources within themselves and with their partners to confidently birth their baby.

Having begun my career in Madagascar, I have seen many beautiful births without intervention in a country with very few medical resources.  I know that birthing women have amazing resources and inner strength, and with Calmbirth I can help them to unlock it.

During my training, while acquiring all the skills needed for complex deliveries and complex pregnancies, I also realized that there was a lot to be learned from my midwife colleagues.  I believe a great collaborative approach between midwife, doctor, and the couple, can minimize the risk of intervention.  That is why I decided to create the first Calmbirth course jointly run by both an Obstetrician and a Midwife.

I started to look around for an outstanding midwife who would be interested in working with me. I finally found Sally and I was overjoyed as my dream of collaborating together with a midwife to bring Calmbirth to life would be realized.

My aim is to always deliver excellent care to our pregnant women. I believe in providing personalised, respectful and gentle holistic care and truly understand that a couples birth experience will last in their minds and hearts forever.

Many women would like to aim for a birth without medical intervention but would also like to feel safe and calm in the event it turns out differently. 

Labour does not always go as planned, but the Calmbirth techniques will help women manage these situations as well.  As an obstetrician and a midwife with the same vision, we can offer that approach to our women.  As we are both trained Calmbirth educators, we can both help women to unlock their inner resources through meditation, knowledge and other useful tools that we provide during the classes.

I am hoping that more of our colleagues will join us on this path in the future.

Please join “Calmbirth with Lanziz & Sally”, in the beautiful city of Toowoomba.

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