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Calmbirth® is the only childbirth education program that requires all its educators to be practising midwives or trained birth professionals

Kat Aquilina

Kat Aquilina

Registered Midwife


NSW 2765

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Hi I’m Kat! I am a mother of three wonderful children, a midwife, and a childbirth and parenthood educator.

I have been a Registered Midwife since 2015 and have been facilitating childbirth education classes since 2017. Perinatal education is where my passion lies and I truly believe that with Knowledge comes Confidence! My passion for education has led me to Calmbirth and I am so glad it did! What an amazing, mindful, oxytocin inducing program!

The Calmbirth course truly encompasses all of my own core values and beliefs, as Calmbirth’s ultimate goal is to empower women, promote wellness, create new understandings, and increase confidence, so that women may experience a positive, calm and joyful birth, however they give birth.

So what will you learn if you join me for my Calmbirth Program?

Firstly, it is important to know that throughout the program you will receive detailed and evidence-based childbirth education.


Part One: The Psychology of Birth

  • The morning commences by delving into the mind-body connection, highlighting how your mental state, thoughts, and beliefs leading up to and during childbirth not only shape your birthing experience but also influence the functioning of your body during labour.
  • We will explore the profound impacts of the stress response and the relaxation response, acknowledging the significance of both responses on the mind-body connection. Emphasising the advantages of regularly accessing the Relaxation Response, as a valuable tool to support the physiological process of labor and birth.
  • I will introduce guided relaxations which is a powerful technique that incorporates fear release techniques, aiding in the emotional and subconscious healing of any fears or anxieties surrounding childbirth, enabling you to transcend negative emotions and embrace a positive birth experience.
  • A main focus of the program is the importance of support and support people in labour and birth, ensuring they feel confident and prepared in their role.

Part Two: The Physiology of Birth

  • An in-depth look at the incredible capabilities of our bodies and their innate design for the birthing process.
  • Discover the remarkable hormonal orchestration of labor and the pivotal roles they play, while examining how the stress or relaxation response can affect these hormones.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the remarkable functionality of the uterus and cervix during labor, exploring their intricate mechanisms and potential challenges.
  • Lastly, delve into the impact of maternal positioning during labor and the innate biological mechanisms that communicate signals of stress or relaxation within our bodies.

Part Three: The First Stage of Labour

  • Understand fetal positions and their significance during labour. We will discuss techniques and strategies to work with these positions, including maternal positions, movement, and exercises that can facilitate the baby’s rotation and descent through the birth canal.
  • Delve into understanding the first stage of labour, encompassing both the early latent phase and the active phase.
  • Discover various techniques and strategies that can assist you in effectively managing this stage, while highlighting the advantages of maintaining a safe, calm, and private environment.
  • Throughout the program I will incorporate the crucial role of support people and how they can effectively assist women during the labour. We explore various strategies, techniques, and approaches that birth support individuals can employ to provide comfort, encouragement, and physical and emotional support during this significant time.

Part Four: Breathing Techniques

  • Discover the advantages of incorporating breathing techniques during labour and their profound impact on the birthing process.
  • Gain insights into how specific breathing patterns can help you manage discomfort, promote relaxation, and enhance your overall sense of control and focus during labor.


Part One: The second and third stage of labour & the power of visualisation

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the significance of the pelvic floor and the importance of preparing it for childbirth.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the birthing process by understanding the mechanisms of baby’s descent and positioning during labour.
  • Discover positions that can aid in the progression of labour and provide comfort for the mother.
  • We will explore both the active management and physiological birth of the placenta.
  • Understand the empowering tool of visualisation and its potential to support labor and birth preparation.
  • Learn how visual imagery and positive affirmations can be used to create a positive mindset, reduce anxiety, and enhance relaxation during pregnancy and childbirth.

Part Two: Preparation for other possibilities 

  • In addition to supporting natural birth, it’s important to explore other possibilities and interventions that may arise during the pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • This session includes understanding interventions such as medicalised pain relief, induction of labour, and cesarean section birth and consider the risks, benefits and alternatives.
  • Learn how to open the channels of communication with your care provider and make informed decisions and how to map your birth, preparing for possible obstacles.

Part Three: Lets Get Physical and Postpartum planning

  • We will explore massage techniques, acupressure, and active birth positions. This engaging session offers you the chance to learn and actively practice these techniques, fostering increased confidence for support people.
  • We dedicate time to discussing the postpartum period, specifically focusing on what to expect in the first 24 hours after birth and how to effectively plan for this transformative phase.

Part Four: What to expect with baby

  • Understanding what to expect for a baby in the first 24-48 hours, the benefits of skin to skin contact and attachment parenting, and the tests and investigations that may be conducted for the baby.

What else can you expect at my courses?

  • A comfortable and supportive learning environment.
  • Small group settings that encourage active participation and create a safe space for asking questions
  • Calmbirth booklet that revisits the content covered in the program, serving as a valuable resource for reference and reflection.
  • As an added bonus, we offer a complimentary 1-hour live online breastfeeding workshop after the Calmbirth course.
  • Goodie Bags and Morning and Afternoon tea on weekend classes.

I strive to create a holistic and enjoyable learning experience, ensuring that you feel supported, nourished, and comfortable throughout the weekend.

What do my couples have to say?

Kat was a fantastic facilitator. Informed, unbiased and clear. I feel like we covered a lot over the Calmbirth weekend and I feel equipped to now look further into topics and areas that interest us as a couple. Partners were well included and engaged throughout. Thank you!

My husband was quite hesitant to do Calmbirth. He wasn’t sure how much it would teach him. When we left on Sunday he said I can’t believe I nearly didn’t do that. I now understand labour and how I can be of use (partner). Everyone needs to seek out this education.

Thank you so much Kat for your warm yet informative approach. We both feel incredibly prepared for whatever pathway our birth and labour may take and really enjoyed the many different tools shared with us over the weekend. I feel excited and empowered for my birth experience. Any concerns have now disappeared.

We both found the Calmbirth course to be extremely informative, supportive and empowering. The key message around the importance of the connection to our body and mind throughout the while process was really reassuring. I have already recommended the course to a lot of my friends!

Course Availability:

My weekend group classes span over two consecutive days, providing an immersive learning experience. For those with weekend commitments, we offer a 4-week series of classes that take place on designated weekdays. Additionally, private classes can be arranged upon request, allowing for personalised attention and flexibility. Please see course dates, which can be  booked directly from this page.

I am pleased to provide you with an invoice that can be used to claim back eligible insurance rebates for childbirth education classes. I work with several insurers, including NIB, Australian Unity, Manchester Unity, GU Health, BUPA, Teachers Health Fund, Nurses and Midwives Health, Westfund, AHM, CBHS, Defence Health, RT Health, and Peoplecare. Please let us know your specific insurance provider, and we will ensure you receive the necessary documentation for reimbursement.

I understand that it’s important to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to learn more about the course, I’m here to help. Feel free to reach out, and we can have a conversation to address any inquiries you may have. Your comfort and confidence in the course are important to me, and I’m more than happy to assist you in any way I can.

Kat x

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